Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jordan's and Mary's Birthday!

We have 5 birthdays in October at my house, we usually stay home and have just the 9 of us on the actual birthday. We have one Giant birthday party later in the month and the 4 Grandkids get to invite 3 friends each. They love Halloween, so we usually have a dress up Halloween party. The neighborhood kids are so excited about it this year, that some of the adults want to come too. I hope they are willing to help out if needed.

Here are a couple pictures of Jordan & Mary last night. Jordan turned 11. I can remember when he was born, like it was yesterday. He was such a sweet and patient baby, and he loved to have his Grandma sing him to sleep. If I was holding him around his nap time and I didn't start singing, he would touch my lips and grunt, till I started singing.
Jordan tried to eat his cupcake but said it was a little dry. I gave him a gift card to Barns & Noble, he was so excited. He loves books. He has on 3-D glasses, but I'm not sure why. He is kind of goofy sometimes.
I gave Mary a Disney Princess Sticker Machine for her birthday. She loves to be creative. And she has 3-D glasses on too. Maybe they have been hanging out with me too much.

Mary turned 7. Mary was a sweet baby too, but by the time she was 5 months she knew what she wanted. If she saw the boys had a sandwich, she wanted one too, it didn't matter that she didn't have teeth. She would scream until she got one. By the time she was 9 months, if we showed her a new shirt that we liked and she didn't, she would hold her hand up in front of her and turn her head away, like don't even show me that. She was spoiled, but very funny. We would show her things just to see her do her little routine. I wish I had gotten it on video. I didn't get to spend quite as much time with Mary as I did the rest, because I was working full time then they moved 25 miles away. I know 25 miles isn't that far, but when you are used to seeing them all the time, it's too far.

Thanks for letting me share my joys with you. I'll have more later in the month. Remember, I still have 2 Grand babies birthdays to celebrate this month.

Happy Scrapin',


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