Monday, July 29, 2013

Artbooking Mini Albums from Saturdays Idea Book Kick Off party.

Here are the details of the Pro Player Mini Album, by my new Guest Designer Dawn Jedda.  (AKA my Daughter)  I took the pictures on my cell phone and for some reason I couldn't quit shaking so they aren't very good.  I will apologize for them now. Most of this Mini Album was cut on the Artbooking Cricut Cartridge.  The paper pack is called Pro Player and it comes with coordination cardstock in these 4 colors, Slate, Black, Ruby and Pacifica.  She also used Slate Polka-Dot Washi tape, Pro Player Assortment, Slate Striped Twist Ties, Durables Round Studs and Slate and Creme Brulee Bakers Twine.  Dawn used Tech Speak and The Workshop On The Go Stamp sets from pages 32 and 35 in the New Autumn Winter 2013 Idea book.

 All the little pieces on the front of the book were cut off the cartridge also.
 This page has a pocket and the paper that is inserted in side is from the cartridge too.  When i cut the white paper for Dawn I didn't realize how big it was going to cut out so I used a large scrap but it cut larger than I expected and ended up with half the arrow cut out of the edge.  We both thought it was pretty cool how it turned out and Dawn decided to use it in the book anyway.  She drew the lines on to make it look like notebook paper.  There is a smaller stamp in the 3 sets that actually looks like that paper, so you don't have to draw the lines.

 On this page Dawn cut an envelope and tag to go inside the envelope.  She added Washi tape and the twist tie.
 Dawn went threw some of my older embellishments and found some Red studs and swirls that go great in the book too.
 The joined circles on the right page are an overlay from the Artbooking cartridge and again another notebook paper.
 Here are Zack, Hailey, Keyanna, Kobe, Jordan and Alex all playing games in my living room.  Kylie and Mary must have been outside when we took this pic.  This is a normal site at my house.
 Zack got bored playing games and decided to play the Keyboard that Grandpa picked up recently.
 He jokingly said he was picking one up for all the grandchildren.  However I don't know where he is going to put them.  He loves to encourage them to play music of any kind.  Jordan Plays the Clarinet and Zack is hoping to play the Saxophone when School starts up. My Son James played the Sax in school too.
 The one page that didn't get finished before my Party on Saturday.  Dawn added a pocket to the right page and the connected circles adhered to the inside of the back.  This would make a great Connect 4 game background for a page if someone plays connect 4 a lot.

I love how this little Mini Album turned out.  Dawn did such a wonderful job.  Thank you Dawn for designing this great little Mini ALbum for me.

These little mini albums would be great for different little events that happen in our lives that we want to remember forever.  I am so excited that Close To My Heart brought out another Cricut Cartridge and love how they pack so many projects into one cartridge.  You can use both the Art Philosophy and Artiste cartridges right along with the Artbooking cartridge and make so many different things.  It is amazing.  Thank you Close To My Heart for creating such a great tool to work with and making my job so much fun and so easy.

Happy Scrappin',


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Are You READY?

Well last night we had our Ideabook Kick-Off party and did we have fun.  We played The Price Is Close To My Heart (similar to The Price Is Right) and CTMH BINGO.  Just a couple of fun ways to get everyone acquainted with the new products and where to find them in the Idea book.  We gave out lots of prizes too.

Here are the Display boards that I made showing some of the new products
 This display board shows the Artbooking Cartridge collection and some of the items that I made from it.  I had so much fun playing with my toys this week.  Have I ever told you that I LOVE my Job?  Well I do LOVE my job.
 I made these 2 layouts using the Laughing Lola paper pack and the Artbooking cartridge. I cut the everything I needed to complete these from the same 2 pages in the Artbooking Cricut Cartridge book.  I added the yellow behind the windows just cause I thought it would look cool.
 Same goes for these pages all items were cut from the same 2 pages in the Artbooking book.  It tells you what size to cut the main image and everything else fits to that page size.  I Love it.  This is the best cartridge so far.
 This Lay out is using the new Sarita paper pack.  I used Cotton Candy cardstock to tone down the craziness of the patterned paper.  Love how it turned out.   This was a recent visit from my Niece who is 2 weeks older than my Son.  We enjoyed the visit and getting to meet Kasseys new family.
 My Daughter Dawn made this layout using the New Pro Player Workshop On The Go kit.  The kids had fun at the BCT Backyard Bash playing their giant Chess set.
 This layout is using the New Huntington paper pack and new Swirls Around stamp set.  I also used the Artbooking cartridge to cut out the roses, leaves and flourish. Added some sparkles and pictures.
 These are cards that Dawn and I made this last week also.
 These are using the Pro Player papers and coordination stamp sets.
 These cards are made with the Laughing Lola paper and coordinating stamps.

 This is the new Frosted paper pack and one of the new Hostess stamp sets.
 This is also made with the Frosted papers.
 And this tag I made using the Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge and the Frosted paper pack.
 You wouldn't know it but this is the new Babycakes paper pack.  It is geared toward babies.
 This paper pack is the Huntington paper pack and some of the new Jewelry making metal flowers that we are now offering in the Idea book.
 We now have our own version of the Smash book, we call ours Crush books.  Very cute accesories and coordinating stamps too.  Here is one of the sets called Reel Life.
 We are now offering this Designed Decor Flip Stand Album.  It is only $12.95.  It is made so that you can put your own paper inside the stand so when you flip to the last page it is all decorated.  I cut the pages from the new Artbooking cartridge and since it was offset, I added some tule and rolled roses and plastic flowers to the edge to even it out.
 This is what made me think the tulle would be perfect for the edge.  Miss Melody is so stinking cute.
If you like Mini Albums, YOU are going to LOVE this new Artbooking cricut cartridge.  Here is why.  I made this little Halloween mini album straight from the cartridge.  I of course add some of my own photos.  I will have more on this mini album in the next couple days.
 Dawn came to the rescue and made these 3 following mini albums for the Idea Bood Kick-off.  They are all made using the Artbooking Cricut Cartridge also.  She did a fantastic job.  Tarina and I helped finish the embellishing.  I will have more on all of these mini albums in the next few days.

Dawn used the new Babycakes papers and cardstock to make this.
 This mini is made using the Sarita paper pack Rolled roses and some of the new jewelry making flowers.
 This is the Pro Player paper pack and it too was made using the Artbooking cartridge.

There are 10 mini albums on this one cartridge.  There are 700 images.  There are no empty keys on any of CTMH's cartridge, that is a deal in it's self.  

Some of you are thinking that $99.00 is a lot for one cartridge.  And I  agree, but if you add up all the stamps sets 3 @ $17.95 = $53.85 and the chipboard 3 @ $4.95 = $14.85 all that added up is $68.80 so that makes the cartridge $30.30.  Show me a cartridge that has 700 images and every key filled for $30.30.  

 I have 37 cartridges and do you know the ones I use the most?  Art Philosophy, Artiste and now the Artbooking ones.  I also have the Big Kick and a ton of dies, I should sell them and make more room in my craft room, as I NEVER use them.  They are just sitting there taking up space and collecting dust.  I used to use them a lot, but since CTMH has created the Cricut Cartridges, that is pretty much all I use.  
I am taking pre-orders for the Cricut cartridges if you want one call or text me 503-708-6889, you can even send me an email

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Another Pajama Party!

Close To My Heart is teaming up with Big Picture Classes again to bring you a live webcast with step-by-step instructions for making this layout using the Cricut® Artbooking collection. Purchase the collection beginning August 1, 2013 and revolutionize the way you scrapbook!
The FREE webcast will air Wednesday, July 31 at 7:00 pm (MDT). During the presentation, you’ll learn to make several projects from a variety of sponsors, including Close To My Heart’s Artbooking layout, as our very own Kristine Widtfeldt walks you through the steps—and sneaks the Artbooking collection!
The Pajama Party class will be available for FREE at on July 31, and will be archived after the event for future viewing. If you would like to interact on the message board, participate in live chat, post to the gallery, download handouts, or enter any contests, you will need to log in to the Pajama Party “classroom” by creating a free account on the Big Picture Classes website. If you have already created an account or if you registered for the first Pajama Party in May, you are all set! You will not need to create another account or register again.
To make our Artbooking layout, you will want to have the following items—or similar products—on hand:

  • Z1906 Cricut® Artbooking Collection*
  • 1301 Bamboo Cardstock
  • 1388 Colonial White Cardstock
  • X5668 Honey Cardstock
  • X5762 Lagoon Cardstock
  • X5930 Slate Cardstock
  • X5639 Sweet Leaf Cardstock
  • X5666 Twilight Cardstock
  • Z2160 Twilight Exclusive Inks® Pad
  • Z2173 Slate Exclusive Inks® Pad
  • Z1853 Aqua Dots*
  • Z1799 Silver Shimmer Trim
  • Z1151 3-D Foam Tape
  • Z1294 Sanding Kit
*These products will be available to purchase beginning August 1, 2013.

Watch the Pajama Party by yourself or with your friends for a fun crafting experience. Anyone with an Internet connection can watch, so be sure to tell your friends to order their project supplies in advance and then tune in!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

New Artwork

I had fun playing with the new products yesterday.  Here's some pics.
 This is Pro Player with the new Tech Speak stamp set C1566  just $13.95.
 This is Laughing Lola with Paisley Perfect stamp set C1556 also just $13.95.
 This is Huntington with Abundance Stamp set D1519 $17.95.
 This is Babycakes with the new Love This stamp set B1432 just $9.95.
This is Frosted with Joyful Birthday and The Artiste Cricut Cartridge. 
and this is Sarita, with an overlay from the new Artbooking Cricut cartridge. I even used one of the overlays to make a stencil and sponged Gypsy over top of it on the bottom of the card. 

I love this new Artbooking Cricut cartridge.  So many possibilities.

Happy Scrappin',


Thursday, July 11, 2013

The gratitude campaign (short video)

I just found this and wanted to share it with you.

Notes From A Veteran: News And Information At The Veterans Site
12182 15 5 34 


I received this in a forwarded message from a friend. He says that this "gesture" was started by someone in Seattle, Washington and that it is becoming a universal way to communicate our thanks to our servicemen and women when we see them in public.
It is a very simple, but very meaningful, and self-explanatory gesture. There is no mistaking what it means. If you have felt awkward, or shy about going up to our military members in uniform, this is a great way overcome your hesitation. You need not exchange words, just offer this universal gesture of thanks. It will be appreciated by those who have served and suffered on our behalf. You will feel good for having done it too. Try it next time you see one our soldiers, sailors, airmen, Coast Guardsmen, or Marines in uniform. This is a simple, but very moving act.
Let's show our servicemen and women, through this simple gesture, that we appreciate the great service and the sacrifices they have endured on behalf of all of us.
Happy Scrappin', 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Update on Steve again.

We saw Dr. Menashe yesterday and he took off the clear bandage over the incision and it looks awesome.  A strait, clean incision.  He did put 3 steri strips across the incision.  Dr. said Steve can now lift up to 20 lbs and walk as far as he wants.  No other type of exercises as of yet.  He was allowed to start driving again.  He can return back to work on July 29th and at that time can go back to doing anything he wants.  Steve does not have to go back unless he does something to hurt himself.  Yeah!!!

Now I can get back to creating.  Maybe I'll scrapbook those pics I took of Steve in his gown getting ready for surgery and when he was back in his room.

Happy Scrappin',


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I've been a little preoccupied lately.

I will apologize up front, as this is going to be a long post without pictures.  A few weeks ago, Steve came to me with a very scary issue.  He had been having issues having to rush to the bathroom, he almost couldn't make it sometimes.  He was getting up several times a night.  I suggested that he go talk to the doctor.  Well things got worse.  He came to me a few days later and asked for me to make an appointment, he had found a lump in his groin.  When he went to the Dr. he explained what was going on and thought that might have something to do with his many bathroom dashes.  Dr. Tyler sent him to see a Urologist, long story short they didn't take our insurance so I requested to see Dr. Menashe at the Oregon Clinic.  He was Steve's Kidney Dr. last year.

In the mean time Dr. Tyler got to thinking about what Steve had told him and requested that he come by and do an A1C blood test.  I had no idea what that was until we got the results that Steve is Diabetic.  Dr. Tyler explained diabetes to us and told us that Steve's A1C level was at 12. which is very high.  He suggested that Steve start on a medication called Kombiglyze once a day.  Steve has been taking it now for 4 weeks and has changed his diet so much that he is keeping his glucose levels under 120 and most of the time they are around 80-90. He is not taking insulin and it doesn't look like he will have to, which is awesome. I am so proud of him. He is doing amazingly well.

We met with Dr. Menashe on June 20, 2013 and he examined Steve and ordered an Ultrasound, which came back as a fat filled Hernia.  Dr. Menashe strongly disagreed with the results and recommended that the mass be removed.  He also call a couple of his Colleagues in to examine Steve, they agreed that it should be removed.  We scheduled a Left Radical Orchiectomy on July 1st.  Dr. Menashe was going to remove the lump and the left testicle just as a precaution, that way if it were cancer he don't have to go back in.  We were told that the recovery should take between 4-6 weeks and that the results of the pathology report would be in by Monday July 8th.  The procedure was an outpatient procedure, meaning that Steve would come home that evening.

It has now been a week since Steve's surgery and he is doing well.  We had an appointment scheduled for noon yesterday, but Dr. Menashe called and rescheduled, YES you heard me right Dr. Menashe called.  He gave us the results on the phone and we got great news.  The mass was BENIGN, no cancer.  It was actually solidified fat.  What a relief that was.  Maybe Dr. Menashe will let Steve start driving again soon.

This last week has been a nightmare at times.

On Monday, we went to Providence Portland at noon to get him checked in for his 1:30 surgery time.  They took us back to the room and explained that while Steve was in surgery I would need to pick up a pager so they could let me know when and where to meet with the Dr. after surgery.  The Dr. who had to room ran late so they didn't take Steve back until 2:25 pm. I got the pager and sat and crocheted for a short time, the pager went off at 3:04 pm, I met with Dr. Menashe and he said surgery went well and that Steve should be back in his room soon.  My pager went off again at 3:18 pm letting me know that Steve was back in his room and I could go in to see him. After Steve was able to hold down some water and crackers, they let us go home.  On the way home,  we had to buy Briefs for Steve as he normally wears boxers, and pick up medicine, we got home about 7:30 pm.

Tuesday Steve wanted to go to the Salvation Army Thrift Store.  I didn't think it was a good idea but he kept saying I can drive myself.  Not on Oxycontin you can't.  So I took him.  That night he started with a low grade fever and shaking chills.  I called Dr. Menashe and he wanted to see him in the morning.

On Wednesday,  I had to take James, my Son, to Salem to work.  While there Dr. Menashe called to see how Steve was doing.  Not too happy to hear that Steve was in Salem.  We had to go directly to his office in NE portland.  Well on the way north on I-5 the van started having trouble, the tranny went out just before the Canby Exit.  I was able to take the ramp and get out of the way.  I called my Daughter Dawn to come get us then called a tow truck.  I didn't think Steve could get up into the tow truck very easy.  Had to call Dr. Menashe back and tell him we were going to be late.  Not happy again.  Once we got home and showed them where to put the van we got into Steve's truck and off we went to NE portland.  I haven't driven his truck in a while and I knew it was getting pretty bad but I had no idea it was as bad to drive as it is.  It needed a tune up badly but it also needs shocks and struts and who know what all else.  I hit the highway about 50 mph and the truck started rocking side to side.  The faster I went the worse it rocked.  I still had to get onto the freeway and go across town.  Then we had to come back home.  I was so stressed I cried most of the way there.  While at the Dr. Menashe's office, he examined Steve and said that he was in better shape than most at that point after surgery.  Told Steve to go home and rest and not to take the Oxycontin unless he really needed it in case that was the problem with the fever.  No going to Salem, just rest.  I realized that I still had to go get James that evening.  Thank goodness James got a ride to Wilsonville.  I sent James a text asking if I could Drive his car to pick him up.  So when it was time to go I got into his little Honda Civic Hybrid and off I went.  I got there a little early and rolled the windows down turned off the car and sat waiting for James to get there.  I went to start the car when he got in and it wouldn't start.  He gave me specific instructions on how to start his car and it still didn't start.  Then we realized that the dash wasn't even lighting up.  The computer was down.  We pushed the car to start it and it started but the computer never came back on.  By this time I was in tears again.  So stressed from all of it. So again we called Dawn to the rescue.  Charlie and the kids came with her.  She got out and gave me a big hug, which I so badly needed.  Then I asked if Charlie could drive James' car home and I could drive hers and see if I could get 3 out of 4 odds on breaking cars.  She and Charlie politely turned me down.  I still had to make dinner when I got home.

On Thursday, the 4th we stayed home, Steve was pretty antsy all day.  That evening he asked me what time I wanted to get up the next day.  I replied NOON!  He chuckled and went to bed.

The next day was Friday and I knew he wanted to go garage selling.  Sure enough his alarm sounded at 6:30 am.  That would give us time to eat breakfast and I could take care of the chickens before we had to leave.  I think Steve must have had a virus on Tuesday, and passed it onto me. Because I got up not feeling well and had similar symptoms to his on Tuesday.  I didn't feel like going garage selling, but I kept hearing Steve say "I can drive myself, it's not that big a deal."  We spent the next 3 days garage selling.  He has a 10 lb weight limit for lifting, so I had to make several trips at a couple sales, because he bought so much stuff.  Remember a few paragraphs back, Dr. suggested not to take the oxycontin unless he really needed it, well he hasn't taken any since.  He has taken a few Advil, but only once a day maybe twice.  He is doing so much better than I thought he was going to do.  I figured he would lay around whining for the first few days then want to go garage selling and end up hurting himself, but that hasn't been the case.  While we were out I did get him to schedule a time with Les Schwab to get new Shocks and Struts on the truck, that is happening on Wednesday. Yeah.  My van is going to be towed to Sandy to get fixed and that will hopefully be done and I can pick it up by next Friday.

Before his surgery, I knew he was going to want to go garage selling that weekend, so I rescheduled my Mixed Media Canvas Art class that I had scheduled for Saturday, because I didn't want him driving himself until the Dr. released him to drive again.  And I knew he would if I wasn't home.

Yesterday we got up, showered and got ready to go to his appointment when the Dr. called and rescheduled for today.  Of course since we were already to go somewhere we had to go, couldn't stay home and rest. He's worse than a little kid.

WOW!!!  What a week it has been.  Seems more like a month has passed already.  I'm hoping that Dr. releases him to drive, so I can just stay home.  There's so many things that I need to do.  I did take a few minutes to place an order of the new products before we left for his surgery on Monday.  It is supposed to be here Wednesday and I want to play with my new "Artbooking" Cricut Cartridge.  One problem, the stamp room is a mess.  All the mail has just been dumped in there all week and I haven't put away the stuff I was using to finish the Mini Album that I taught at last month's class.  I did finish it, it needs pictures, but it is finished otherwise.  I've had to go find things like my old Galaxy S phone because I broke the screen on my S III on Saturday before Steve's surgery, so James is going to replace my screen, but in the meantime my S III is in pieces.

So now you are caught up on what was preoccupying me these last few weeks.  I hope in some way this information helps you, or at the very least entertains you.

I will try to post an update about the baby chicks here soon.  And get a sample up for my Mixed Media Canvas Art Class coming up in August.  I also have to get started on our Ideabook kick-off party favors.  I have a lot to do.  Keep watching my blog for updates.

Happy Scrappin',


Sunday, July 7, 2013

"Artbooking" Cricut Cartridge coordinating Stamp sets.

Here are the 3 stamp sets that coordinate with the new "Artbooking" Cricut Cartridge.

So many possibilities.  I love the journaling stamps.  I can hardly wait til I get my cartridge so I can start playing and creating all kinds of new projects.  I can see some of the cuts being used as templates for adding texture paste to Canvas and much more.  

Happy Scrappin',


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New CTMH "Artbooking" Cricut Cartridge Handbook pics

Here is a copy of the Handbook for "Artbooking" Close To My Hearts Newest Cricut Cartridge.

Be one of the first to get the new Artbooking Cricut Cartridge and you can choose an "A" or "B" size stamp of your choice including the Jeanettes Archive stamps for all pre-ordered Artbooking Cricut Cartridge Kits.  Place your order by July 30th to get this special offer.  Which qualifies you for the Stamp Of the Month for just $5.00. Please send me an email and indicate the Item number for the Free Item on your email order.  I will be placing orders on August 1st for all Pre-Orders. 

If you place a Pre-Order of $150.00 or more, before shipping you will also receive the Hostess benefits of $25.00 of FREE Select Close To My Heart Products.  I will email you the list of products you may choose from.  Remember this offer is only valid through me and only till July 30th, so place your order soon.

Happy Scrappin',