Thursday, August 29, 2013

And yet another project!

I am so excited!!!  This one, I think I will get a lot of use out of.  It was pretty easy once I figured out what I wanted to do.  I was on Facebook one evening and another consultant had posted one that she had made for Convention.( I will share the link and credits at the end of this post.)
  Mine is a little different as I am not using a Cast Iron Cookbook Stand to hold mine upright. 

I can tell you that I started with a white 22" round pressboard cake board and an 11" tan plastic Rubbermaid Lazy Susan, some Black acrylic paint and some unsanded grout.  

Do you have any idea what this is?

 I made my own chalkboard paint using 1 - 2 oz bottle of Black acrylic paint and about 1/4 cup unsanded grout  Mixed it well and painted both the cake board and lazy susan. (3 Coats each)  Once the paint was dry I took a piece of chalk and conditioned the boards, by rubbing the chalk all over them and then wiping off the dust.  

Now do you have an idea what it might be?

Ok, here is another hint.

I then took CTMH's silver glitter tape and put 4 strips across it in different directions making the pattern on it.  I used E6000 glue to adhere the lazy susan to the cake board, making sure to center it.  The glitter tape divides the chalkboard into sections for me to write different things in for different events.

Ok, it is starting to remind you of anything yet?

Here is what I did to finish off the project.
I took CTMH's silver glitter paper and cut a large arrow

from the Artiste Cricut cartridge on the Cricut.  And placed it in the center of the lazy susan.  I also cut out some letters. T, S, W, I, I, i, i, n, n, p, t, t and o.  I decided I wanted them to stay put, so I ran them through the Xyron 150 sticker maker with permanent adhesive in it.  I then lined them up on the lazy susan part of the board to Spell out the name of our very own,

Wait for it!  

Wait for it!

"Spin It To Win It" Game board.

Ta da!

I'm always trying to come up with ways to entertain our guests at our Idea Book Kick-off parties and I think we can use this one at the Clark County Women's Expo in September too.  

You should stop by and see what we put on the board for you to win.  

Clark County Women's Expo September 14th and 15th. 
Clark County Event Center
17402 NE Delfel Rd Ridgefield, WA 98642
(360) 397-6180
Here is a link to get there.
Please mark you calendars and come see us.

Here is the link to Wendy's Spin It to Win It Board

Monday, August 26, 2013

Kumoricon is just around the Corner.

Jordan decided he wanted to go to Kumoricon this year and so do three of my Great Nieces.  So my Sister and I are taking them.  It will be fun to see our grandchildren interacting.  Kumoricon is August 31 - Sept 2nd. in Vancouver Washington.

Two of the girls spent a week with me last month and I helped them with their costumes.  One is going as Fluttershy and one as Rainbow Dash.  

This is the Fluttershy costume I helped make during spring break and I didn't get any of the Rainbow Dash costume.

Jordan is going as Edward Elric and Ash Ketchum.  We went a couple weeks ago to pick out the fabric for his red coat and we made it last week.  I finished it late on Tuesday.  Here is Jordan and Grandpa Steve.
I found the symbol that Edward has on his coat on google images and printed it out.  Then I decided that it was a clear image so I made a cut file and tried to cut it out on the cricut but it didn't work so I cut it out of cardstock and used it as a pattern and traced around the cut out and negative.  I then used wonder under to adhere the black symbol to the coat.  It looks huge on him, but that is what Edward wears.  He wanted to wear it to the movie yesterday, so I guess he likes it.  
 Edward wears a black outfit under the coat, which he already has, but didn't put it on for the pic.

Here Jordan is as Ash Ketchum, of course he will be wearing jeans and a black t-shirt under neath.
For this costume I took 2 shirts apart and made one, then added the yellow Duck Tape faux pockets and bottom band on the shirt.  I bought a red baseball cap at Wal-Mart and painted the front part white and found the green emblem on google and again I made a cut file.  This time I cut it out of Clear Contact paper to make it a stencil. I placed the stencil on the white part of the hat and painted it green.  It wasn't perfect but it worked.  I took a small detail brush and straitened the lines. 
I am all finished with Jordan's costumes as of last night.

Before I started on Jordan's costumes for Kumoricon,  I was busy making Construction worker vests for a friend.  Dawn and Tarina helped me with those.  We made 22 vests that fit an infant on up to a 5 yr old.  We used orange Nylon that my friend purchased and Yellow, Chrome and Black Duck Tape.  I put elastic on the sides and velcro closures.  It ended up about $60.00 for all the vests and that works out to be about $2.73 per vest.  But that doesn't compare to the fun they had at the Birthday party.  My friend had a Large cardboard box for the boys to paint like a house.  Complete with windows and a picket fence.  They had someone bring a backhoe in and had a pile of sand and Tonka trucks for the boys to dig in.  They even had hard hats that they picked up at the Dollar Tree I think.  I wish I had a pic because the party looked awesome.  My friend said the boys had a great time.  The vest on top is the smallest and it was about 10" tall.  So stinking cute.

Maybe one of these days I can get back to my paper crafting.  I need to get some things done for the Clark County Women's Expo September 14th and 15th. 
Clark County Event Center
17402 NE Delfel Rd Ridgefield, WA 98642
(360) 397-6180
Here is a link to get there.
Please mark you calendars and come see us.

Happy Scrappin',


Monday, August 19, 2013

The IT Professional Wheel of Answers.

So, I saw this post on FaceBook the other night and said aloud "I hear all of these from you all the time". (My son, James was sitting in the recliner next to me) He said "What?"  So I proceeded to read them to him.

He said NO! 

I said "See! That's what I hear almost every week".  

He said "not every week". (with a smirk)

I said "Almost".  

Then the one who thinks my crafting is "a waste of time and money" decided he needed that to take to work and it would be better if it would really spin.  

Wow! Now he likes what I can do, when he wants something.  

So being the good mom that I am, I went right in and printed it out at 5 x 7 and made a spinner using CTMH's Spinners.  I took them apart and just used the spinner parts not the chipboard.  I traced the arrows and cut them out of our Cranberry cardstock and used liquid glass to adhere the cardstock arrow to the plastic arrow and then glued the printed image to a piece of chipboard.  I used an Exacto knife to cut the small hole to insert the base of the spinner into the back side of the chipboard.  By then the Liquid Glass was dry enough to handle and I reassembled the spinner.

Once I finished, I decided that Steve my DH might want one also, so I made a second one for him.  

Happy Scrappin",


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Clark County Women's Expo. September 14th & 15th 2013.

I am so excited!!!  
Shannon Buck and I are going to have a Close To My Heart booth at the Clark County Women's Expo. in Ridgefield, Washington at 
The Clark County Event Center Exhibit Hall "A"
September 14th 10:00 am to 7:00 pm and September 15th from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

We have lots of plans for the event. So stay tuned for more info. coming soon.

We will be promoting our upcoming classes and workshops. 

Come visit us and be the first to sign up.  

You might even win a prize.

Want to win a $500 shopping spree? Mark your calendar for the Clark County Women's Expo - September 14th and 15th.  Each visitor will be entered to win!

Friday, August 16, 2013

What's New in Stamps

You'll love Close To My Heart's latest enhancements to stamping. Watch the video to see what the new stamp set happenings including updates to Workshops on the Go® stamps, E-size stamp sets, mini stamps, and exciting "retro" stamps from Jeanette's archive.

Click here to order now.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hostess Rewards: Better than Ever!

Take advantage of the opportunities from Close To My Heart to earn Hostess Rewards stamp sets; must-have sets, just for you! Watch this video to see one of these adorable stamp sets in action and learn how to get your own.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Mixed Media Art Canvas for last Saturday's Class.

Here are the samples that I created for the Mixed Media canvas class I taught on Saturday.

When I created this one I knew I wanted to use the Gears from the Artiste Cricut Cartridge and I knew I wanted them to look old and rusty.  I found a Gear stencil on and purchased it for this project.  I first started by printing the picture out on printer paper.  I then used Mod Podge to glue the picture face down to the canvas.  If you choose to follow my directions DO NOT add Mod Podge to the top of the picture. I wiped the excess Mod Podge off the canvas with a damp cloth.  I used a heat gun too dry the Mod Podge.  Once the canvas was dry I spritzed it with water and gently rubbed the paper off leaving the picture.  The image that it leaves is grainy because it is on the canvas.  I liked the results, but then I spritzed Slate Gray ink over Jordan's face, that is why I covered it with an actual picture.  If you like the look of a clear picture, this technique probably is not the look you will like.

I used CTMH's inks and Acrylic paint to sponge different colors on top of each other. It became really dark so I used some Gesso to cover and lighten it up, then I added color back into the area I thought was too light.  I cut the gears on the Cricut from the Artiste Cricut Cartridge I cut some from Chipboard and some I welded in the Cricut Design Studio and cut out of paper.  I sponged paint and ink to the gears and I also covered 2 of the gears in Liquid Glass and let them dry. Then I added the chipboard gears and the paper gears to the canvas.  I then layered the picture onto the Whisper cardstock and adhered it to the canvas.  I love how this turned out.

With the second one, I used Texture paste and stencils, ink and acrylic paint.  The peacock feathers are first done in texture paste then I sponged green paint over them and then I decided to add the brown with a marker to highlight the feathers.   You can't see all the texture on the canvas but there are layers upon layers of sponging and texture.  I punched out butterflies and stamped a close pattern on them.  I cut the roses from the Artbooking Cricut cartridge and curled them with CTMH's Quilling tool and glued them in place.  I cut 2 sizes of the other flowers and layered them after I used the Sizzix Susan's Garden Tool Kit for sculpting the flowers.
I added the yellow stars to the centers to finish them off.  I cut 2 intricate swirly designs from the Artbooking cricut cartridge, one in Lagoon and one in Gypsy and placed them on the canvas.  I backed the pictures of Hailey giving me a pedicure in Black and then in Gypsy and used 2 layers of foam tape to pop them up off the canvas.  In the lower right corner I added some black tulle, a Olive swirl and some bling.  I added 3mm flat back pearls to the scallop edge of the picture and on the butterflies.

I had 4 ladies take the class on Saturday and here are their canvases.  I love how each one is different and very creative.  I had the ladies practice with the paint and texture paste on scrap paper before they started on their canvases.  Liz even used paint with a stamp and stamped the swirls on the left side of the picture.  She added texture paste over the teal paint.   
 Karen brought her own stencils and used them.  She decided she wanted to experience the whole technique so she actually glued the picture to the canvas and after adding the texture paste she decided she wanted to add an actual picture where she used Gesso to cover the image.  I cut some gears out for her to use on the canvas also.  You will be seeing more of Karen's artwork as she joined my CTMH Scraptastic Treasures' Team.  Welcome to the team Karen.
 Heather used Red and Blue paint and sponged it on the canvas, then added texture paste to the center of the canvas and then painted it Yellow.  She Sponged red paint over the gears stencil and I cut out gears from the Artiste cricut cartridge.  She added green brads to the gears and popped them up on foam tape.  She backed the picture and placed it on the yellow texture.
Stacy added texture paste with a leaf stencil to the corners of her canvas and painted then added color on top of the leaves to bring all the colors together.  I cut Dragonflies from the Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge.  Stacy stamped an image in Chocolate ink on Daisy White cardstock and I cut the
overlay dragonfly image and then cut the main dragonfly base from Creme Brulee cardstock Stacy glued them together with liquid glass and adhered them to the canvas. We cut the word Live out in two sizes from the Artiste Cricut Cartridge and she used the larger L and the smaller "ive" then added a small heart, that we also cut from the Artiste cartridge, over the i to make it Lve.  Stacy then added Liquid Glass to the heart to make it shine.  We cut 3 rolled roses from the White cardstock that she had stamp in chocolate and she placed them on the canvas.  She forgot to bring her picture but knows where she wanted to place it when she returned home.
 They all turned out so cool.  Now I have lots of ideas to use on the other 2 canvases I plan on creating watch for those in the coming weeks.

I enjoyed teaching the class on Saturday, meeting new people and sharing ideas.

On Sunday, I was just getting ready to unload the van from the night before and the house phone rang.  It was my friend Jeannie.  I haven't heard from her in months and was so excited.  She asked what I had been up to and so I told her about my canvas class and she wanted to take the next one.  She asked if we could do the class at my home.  Of course I said yes!  
The canvas below is the one my friend Jeanie created at my house on Sunday.  She used a page from a magazine and a picture.  She glued the picture to the canvas and rubbed off the paper.  then painted around it.  Jeanie added texture and sponged over stencils, she also spritzed ink onto the canvas over the gears.  Jeanie stamped the swirls onto the magazine page and glued them to the canvas with Mod Podge.  This is kind of dark but we both liked it when she was finished.
It was so good to see her again.  I had such a great weekend.  

Watch for more artwork coming soon, as I am working on projects for the Clark County Women's Expo. in Ridgefield WA.  September 14th & 15th.  

Happy Scrappin',


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

IdeaBook Kick-off Party favors and Make-Take

I almost forgot, Dawn made these cute little bags for our guests that came to the Ideabook Kick-off party.

This bag was cut from the Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge and decorated with the new Frosted paper pack.  The Snowflakes are from Art Philosophy and Artiste cartridges and she added sparkles and Rhinestones to the centers.  I filled them with chocolate.
 This one was decorated with the Pro Player paper pack and the Gears are from the Artiste cartridge.  Dawn added Black brads to the gears.
 This one is decorated with the new Huntington paper pack and an old frame.  The Fleur Di Lis is cut from the Artiste cartridge also.
  This on is one of my favorites.  It was decorated using Laughing Lola papers and embellished with Black Tulle and a Buttercup medallion cut from the Artiste Cartridge.

I just love these little bags. you can do so many things with them.

Here is the Make-N-Take that I created.  
I used the Artbooking Cricut Cartridge and cut a tag from page 50 (Borders & Shift) using Colonial White cardstock and then cut another one out of the Sarita paper at 8".  I cut the Branch from page 84 and Owls from page 85.  I used Chocolate and Olive cardstock for the Branch and Leaves and Slate and Whisper cardstock for the Owl.

Hope this helps inspire someone.

Happy Scrappin',


Monday, August 5, 2013

Halloween Mini Album from the Artbooking Cricut Cartridge

I created this little Mini Album and I really should say that I merely added Laughing Lola Paper and embellishments to the pages that I cut out using the Artbooking Cartridge. That's how easy they are to make.  The cartridge gives you practically everything you need except the pictures.  You can get more creative by adding pockets and tags and add chipboard that hangs off the edge of the books too.  
It is all up to your imagination.   I can't wait to make a few more, now that I have the fever.  
The possibilities are endless.

 Charlie with Grandpa Steve in his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costume.
Mr. Jordan - He was a salesman. 
 Grandma Denise with Zack and Miss Mary looking evil.
 Great Grandpa Ron (Denise's Dad) with Zack and Ron's Mother Charlotte with Mary and Grandpa Steve. Great Great Grandma Charlotte used to come to every birthday party for the kids.  She was such a sweet lady. So glad they got to know her while she was with us.
 Grandpa Steve plays Pool so he thinks everyone else should too.  He bought them a Mini Pool table for their birthday.
Great Grandma Barbara, Ron's wife and Denise's Mother helping Mary with her new toy. Jordan and Dawn are on the oposite page.
Jordam is rubbing noses with me while Uncle James helps Zack with his toy.  On the opposite page GGG Charlotte is with Zack. 
Charlie, Uncle Luke and Dawn watching the kids play. And on the opposite page is GGG Charlotte and Mary with GG Barbara and Grandpa Steve.
And finally the back of the book.  I tied ribbon on the rings just to give it some fluff.

If you want to get one of these cartridges, you can go to my website and place an order, the order will ship directly to you.

Thanks for taking time to look at my blog and if you wish to, I would love to hear what you think about these mini albums. 

Happy Scrappin', 


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Artbooking 6 x 6 Mini album.

This is another mini album that Dawn created for me.  She asked me to help her add pictures and embellish it so that is all I did. I love how she out it together using the Sarita Papers.  I took these pictures late at night so they didn't turn out as good as I had hoped they would.  This little book looks way better in person. 

 Some of the flowers are our new Metal accents and some are rolled roses. I also added the clear accent flowers.
 These flowers are from the Art Philosophy Cartridge.

 The Butterfly is from the Love This Stamp set.

I now have mini album fever.

Happy Scrappin',


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mixed Media Canvas class August 10, 2013

Here is one of the samples I have for my Mixed Media Canvas class next weekend.
It isn't exactly what I planned, but I love how it turned out.  I am teaching the technique where you glue the picture face down on the canvas then Spritz it and rub off the paper leaving just the image.  I did that, but then I forgot to mask the pic when I spritzed it and oversprayed some Slate grey ink on the pic and there was no fixing it.  So I just added a pic to the top and layered the sprockets and clock face over top edge of the frame. I used the Artiste Cricut cartridge to cut the sprockets and clock face.  I cut 2 out of chipboard but my old cricut didn't like it much, so I stopped because I didn't want to ruin my cricut.  I layered some and popped some up on foam tape for dimension.  I added some brads and liquid glass to a couple of them.

This was so much fun to play with.  I didn't use the texture past like I had planned, but I really like the results.  Lots of layers of paint, paper and ink.

I am working on another sample and I am using Texture paste and I am not Spritzing color on this one, I don't think.  We will see.  Watch for the sample coming soon.

Happy Scrappin',


Babycakes Mini Album

My Guest Designer Dawn created this adorable little mini album by cutting the coordinating images from the new Artbooking Cricut Cartridge from Close To My Heart.  Once you select which mini you want to make, the book tells you what size to cut them,  This one was cut at 8".  All of the pages and overlays including the animals are from 2 pages in the Artbooking handbook, p50 & p51.  Each piece that goes with the selected mini album automatically cuts the right size for the album.  No guessing or having to use the real dial size button and calculating the correct size.   Dawn used Chocolate, Sunset, Buttercup, Slate and Whisper cardstock to cut the main pieces of this album.  Then used the new Babycakes paper to decorate some of the pages and inside the envelopes.  She also used the Brown glitter paper along with Burlap ribbon and Bronze Glitz glue. 
How cute is this little Giraffe?
 Dawn asked my other Guest Designer Tarina to help decorate this little mini album.  They used some buttons with hemp, chocolate Grosgrain ribbon and washi tape to decorate the pages.
 Top one has the envelope open and the bottom pic has the envelope closed.
 They added pockets and tags with Organdy ribbon and words cut from the Cricut.
How cute is the adorable little lion cut from our Burlap Ribbon. This was an addition from Tarina and was perfect for the page.

  Tarina added a page scalloped oval for journaling. 
 The back page is an envelope and has a tag that is large enough to hold a 4 x 6 picture, on both sides and other memorabilia too.  

Isn't this just adorable?  I love this new cartridge.  Have I said that before? Well YES, I have.

Happy Scrappin',