Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas with The Wilson's

We went to Dufur and spent Christmas Eve with Steve's Mom. 
 We had a great time, here are some pics;
 Great Grandma showing my Granddaughter Hailey how to play the piano.
My Daughter Dawn holding Miss Piper, Dianne's Granddaughter.
My Granddaughter Mary trying to play the piano.
Hali, (Dianne's Daughter) Dianne and Dawn in the kitchen making dinner.
My Grandson Zackery playing on my phone.
My Grandson Jordan playing on his DS.

Hali harassing Aunt Mariah with Miss Piper's doll.
My favorite guys, Charlie, James, Steve, Zack and Jordan.

Aunt Mariah got a Wii for Christmas and Kyle couldn't wait to get it set up for her, or maybe he wanted to play it.  Mariah told Kyle to go ask Cousin James if he would set it up, not really thinking that he would.
James loves to set things like this up so he went right to work along with Kyle.  
Cousin James why is it taking so long?
Cousin James can we play yet?
All the time Aunt Mariah was letting James know that her satellite TV better work when he gets done cause it was working just fine before he messed with it.  James reassured Aunt Mariah that he is a Satellite Communications specialist and this is what he does for work.  It will work better when I get done.

After we left Grandmas' Steve and I headed into The Dalles to stay the night at my Brothers, we visited for a while then went to bed.  We got up in the morning and had Waffles and eggs for breakfast and visited some more, we played with their youngest Grandson Brayden, here is a pic.
 Grandpa Dan and Grandma Jan with Brayden

That afternoon we went back to Dufur, to Steve's Brother's house where all of the family except his Sister Barbara was there.  Here are some pics;

 Tammy, Mariah and Alex.
 James, Steve, Jim and Dan.
 Dave and Gabe had been out target practicing and came in to show us what a good shot Gabe is.

 Gabe, Karl, and Sonny playing with a new race track and Kyle riding a trike.
 James, Steve, Jordan, Dawn, Charlie, Alex and Dave hanging out by the snack table.
 Dawn, Alex, Mariah, Mom, Nancy and Tammy.
 Miss Ruby June.

 Dawn and Grandma.
 Dan & Nancy.
 Henry Paul.

 Karl, Gabe and Zack playing Foosball.
 James, Dan, Steve and Dave playing pool.
 Gabe and Grandma.
 Dave, Jim, Dan, Tanner, Steve and James playing pool while Zack and Gabe check out the snack table.
 Steve, Joan, Dawn, Charlie, Jordan, Zack, Mary, Hailey and I am standing behind Steve and Mom.  I would have had James in the picture too but he was in the house working on Dan and Nancy's computers.
 Mariah and Steve.
Nancy, Henry, Dan, Ruby and Sonny.

After dinner we all headed back home where we had our little Christmas here on Monday,  

Miss Hailey, Jordan, Miss Mary, Charlie, Dawn, James, Zack and half of Steve.
I think we were all too tired to really do much, but the grandchildren seemed to enjoy the gifts that we got them even if they were duplicated.  We got Hailey an art set that apparently someone else gave her too, so I suggested that she leave one of them here so she has something to do when she comes over.

We had a very busy Christmas, but it was fun.  

Hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year!!!

Happy Scrapin',


Thursday, December 22, 2011

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Merry Christmas to you and yours,

Janice Wilson

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Steve's Retirement Invitations

 Here are the invitations I am making for Steve's retirement party.

I found a similar card on by Wendy Jo here is a link

I started with Colonial White card stock and sponged the edges with Dessert sand Ink.  I took Dessert sand card stock and sponged the edges of it with dessert sand ink.  I printed my Husbands name and rank out on colonial white card stock and then stamped the banner from CTMH's HERO stamp set D 1474, over the name in dessert sand ink. Then hand cut out the banner.  I printed out the words RETIRED and WILSON on Colonial white card stock and stamped the tag from SU's Tiny Tags stamp set and punched them out using SU's coordinating punch.  I sponged the edges with dessert sand ink.  I added the tags to the dessert sand card stock before I adhered it down.  I printed the camouflage paper and cut it and punched ticket corners then layered it onto Dutch Blue and then onto Cocoa card stock.  I added the name banner to the top.  I placed that at the bottom of the card over the dessert sand card stock.  I stamped the Soldier from SU's Godspeed stamp set onto colonial white card stock and punched ticket corners, I then sponged dessert sand ink all around the edges and onto the soldier.  I sponged olive ink onto the soldier and the box he is setting on.  I sponged Dutch blue ink under the soldier and around his shoulders.  I layered the soldier onto  Dutch blue card stock and then onto cocoa card stock.  I then layered it onto the dessert sand card stock and turned it at an angle, I used foam tape to the top of the soldier so it has dimension.  I showed it to Steve yesterday and he really likes them.  

On the inside I am going to add a picture of Steve in his Blues, 
because most of the family has not seen him in his uniform.  
I have to get the pictures printed tomorrow, then they go into the mail.  

Well when I went to get them printed out the computer couldn't find the picture on my disk then they only print them 4" x 6" and that won't fit in my envelopes so no pictures going out after all.  Sorry.

Steve has served our country for 36 years.  I am so proud of him, and proud that my Son and Son-In-Law have followed his lead.

I would love to here what you think about them.

Happy Scrapin',


Monday, December 19, 2011

Card class last Saturday in The Dalles.

We had a great time at class last Saturday, my Sister Shirley and two of her Granddaughters were there, my Niece Tarina was there, my Mother-In-Law was there along with an old friend Vera.  We only had 3 ladies join is who live at flagstone.  I added a book mark to the items we made, here it is.  I used Sonoma level 2 paper pack x7143B and Sweet Moments Stamp set C1467 to make this.  I also used Colonial white card stock and chocolate ink.

 Then my Niece Tarina turned the images and layered them, 
I made the one below similar to the one she made.
Here I use the same papers just turned the background paper over to reveal the purple, green and brown stripe and used Pansy Purple ink.  I also embossed in clear over the Pansy Purple and sponged the edges of the colonial white CS.
 Here is a close up of the two images.
 This is the same book mark only Tarina added a snowflake to it,  
 and then she stamped the back.  I just love how she can take my simple ideas and turn them in to works of art.  She inspires me. She is so good at the vintage look. I need to start taking classes from her.  You can see her website here  She said she has been asked to do some Ustream videos, she already has several YouTube videos.  I can't wait to see what she does, I will have to join.

After class, I came home to finish my Christmas cards and Steve's retirement invitations.  I was greeted with my Christmas decorations put up and my kitchen was clean.  I don't usually leave it a mess but I just had too many things to get done and well the dishes lost the battle.  My dear Hubby said he asked the grandchildren to come and help him put up the tree and decorate.  It was so sweet, and I didn't expect it at all.  I love this kind of surprise.

Here are my Christmas cards.  I started with White Daisy CS and Sky CS, I used Snowflakes D1480, I stamped the snowflakes in White Daisy pigment ink and let it dry, then stamped the silver and embossed it in Silver embossing powder.  I the cut out two different snowflakes from the Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge and stamped them in silver ink and embossed them in Rainbow crystals embossing powder.  They really sparkle.  I added foam tape to the smaller one before layering it onto the larger snowflake.

 Here I tried my hand at stamping and embossing on acetate.  
I kind of like it, but it was difficult to not melt the acetate, yet melt the embossing powder.
I got them all in the mail today.

Well I have to finish the invitations as I have the grandchildren tomorrow and lots of things to do.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a very safe and Happy New Year if I don't post again before.

Thanks for following me on my blog, I hope I have brought some inspiration and joy to you during your visits.

If you want, check out the While Supplies Last on my website.  Some items are up to 81% OFF and can only be ordered on my website.

Happy Scrapin',


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Card Class in The Dalles this Saturday!

Wow where has the month gone?  It has been busy around here with my bazaars and then My MIL was here for 11 days and then we had the Christmas party at the Base.  I have been working on my Christmas cards and I have been working on Steve's retirement Invitations, all of which need to go in the mail by Monday. Of course I had to get sick before I could get my cards ready for class this Saturday, but I finally got them made and in the mail today.  Here they are, let me know what yo think.  Sorry they are a little blurry, I am still a little shaky.

Here is the card I am making for my Christmas Cards.

Hopefully I will be able to show you the cards I am making for Steve's retirement invitations soon.

Happy Scrapin',


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Comprehensive Elimination Diet

I have made it 13 months so far on my Diet and have lost 34 lbs.  Even better than all the weight loss has been the loss of pain.  No more sleepless nights, no more having to ask for help to get dressed, no more having to find alternate ways to get around stairs. NO MORE PAIN MEDS!!!  I feel so much better.  I wake up every morning recharged and ready to go.  Here is a link to the diet that has helped  me with my Fibromyalgia and back pain.  The Comprehensive Elimination Diet  There are others that are more restrictive, but this one works for me.  My Dr. told me that you have to follow the diet 90% for it to work, so read the ingredients on every package.

I still get to have pasta, I buy Brown Rice Pasta and use it like I would regular pasta.  You can get brown rice crackers and brown rice tortillas.  Look in the health food section (I go to Fred Meyer) the tortillas are in the freezer.

If you try this diet please let me know how it works for you.

Happy Scrapin',


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Today was the last Bazaar for the season for me.

Here is a picture of my booth with my Mother-In -Law

They put me on the stage between two Christmas trees.  I took this pic with my phone on Panorama and it makes it look like it is on a corner but it was not, it was two tables end to end in a straight line.  I think I will post most of the items that I have left on Etsy for the winter and see if they sell.

Now I get to spend the next 22 days getting ready for my next card class and Christmas.

I hope you are almost ready for Christmas.

Happy Scrapin',