Sunday, December 4, 2011

Comprehensive Elimination Diet

I have made it 13 months so far on my Diet and have lost 34 lbs.  Even better than all the weight loss has been the loss of pain.  No more sleepless nights, no more having to ask for help to get dressed, no more having to find alternate ways to get around stairs. NO MORE PAIN MEDS!!!  I feel so much better.  I wake up every morning recharged and ready to go.  Here is a link to the diet that has helped  me with my Fibromyalgia and back pain.  The Comprehensive Elimination Diet  There are others that are more restrictive, but this one works for me.  My Dr. told me that you have to follow the diet 90% for it to work, so read the ingredients on every package.

I still get to have pasta, I buy Brown Rice Pasta and use it like I would regular pasta.  You can get brown rice crackers and brown rice tortillas.  Look in the health food section (I go to Fred Meyer) the tortillas are in the freezer.

If you try this diet please let me know how it works for you.

Happy Scrapin',


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