Monday, August 26, 2013

Kumoricon is just around the Corner.

Jordan decided he wanted to go to Kumoricon this year and so do three of my Great Nieces.  So my Sister and I are taking them.  It will be fun to see our grandchildren interacting.  Kumoricon is August 31 - Sept 2nd. in Vancouver Washington.

Two of the girls spent a week with me last month and I helped them with their costumes.  One is going as Fluttershy and one as Rainbow Dash.  

This is the Fluttershy costume I helped make during spring break and I didn't get any of the Rainbow Dash costume.

Jordan is going as Edward Elric and Ash Ketchum.  We went a couple weeks ago to pick out the fabric for his red coat and we made it last week.  I finished it late on Tuesday.  Here is Jordan and Grandpa Steve.
I found the symbol that Edward has on his coat on google images and printed it out.  Then I decided that it was a clear image so I made a cut file and tried to cut it out on the cricut but it didn't work so I cut it out of cardstock and used it as a pattern and traced around the cut out and negative.  I then used wonder under to adhere the black symbol to the coat.  It looks huge on him, but that is what Edward wears.  He wanted to wear it to the movie yesterday, so I guess he likes it.  
 Edward wears a black outfit under the coat, which he already has, but didn't put it on for the pic.

Here Jordan is as Ash Ketchum, of course he will be wearing jeans and a black t-shirt under neath.
For this costume I took 2 shirts apart and made one, then added the yellow Duck Tape faux pockets and bottom band on the shirt.  I bought a red baseball cap at Wal-Mart and painted the front part white and found the green emblem on google and again I made a cut file.  This time I cut it out of Clear Contact paper to make it a stencil. I placed the stencil on the white part of the hat and painted it green.  It wasn't perfect but it worked.  I took a small detail brush and straitened the lines. 
I am all finished with Jordan's costumes as of last night.

Before I started on Jordan's costumes for Kumoricon,  I was busy making Construction worker vests for a friend.  Dawn and Tarina helped me with those.  We made 22 vests that fit an infant on up to a 5 yr old.  We used orange Nylon that my friend purchased and Yellow, Chrome and Black Duck Tape.  I put elastic on the sides and velcro closures.  It ended up about $60.00 for all the vests and that works out to be about $2.73 per vest.  But that doesn't compare to the fun they had at the Birthday party.  My friend had a Large cardboard box for the boys to paint like a house.  Complete with windows and a picket fence.  They had someone bring a backhoe in and had a pile of sand and Tonka trucks for the boys to dig in.  They even had hard hats that they picked up at the Dollar Tree I think.  I wish I had a pic because the party looked awesome.  My friend said the boys had a great time.  The vest on top is the smallest and it was about 10" tall.  So stinking cute.

Maybe one of these days I can get back to my paper crafting.  I need to get some things done for the Clark County Women's Expo September 14th and 15th. 
Clark County Event Center
17402 NE Delfel Rd Ridgefield, WA 98642
(360) 397-6180
Here is a link to get there.
Please mark you calendars and come see us.

Happy Scrappin',


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