Monday, August 19, 2013

The IT Professional Wheel of Answers.

So, I saw this post on FaceBook the other night and said aloud "I hear all of these from you all the time". (My son, James was sitting in the recliner next to me) He said "What?"  So I proceeded to read them to him.

He said NO! 

I said "See! That's what I hear almost every week".  

He said "not every week". (with a smirk)

I said "Almost".  

Then the one who thinks my crafting is "a waste of time and money" decided he needed that to take to work and it would be better if it would really spin.  

Wow! Now he likes what I can do, when he wants something.  

So being the good mom that I am, I went right in and printed it out at 5 x 7 and made a spinner using CTMH's Spinners.  I took them apart and just used the spinner parts not the chipboard.  I traced the arrows and cut them out of our Cranberry cardstock and used liquid glass to adhere the cardstock arrow to the plastic arrow and then glued the printed image to a piece of chipboard.  I used an Exacto knife to cut the small hole to insert the base of the spinner into the back side of the chipboard.  By then the Liquid Glass was dry enough to handle and I reassembled the spinner.

Once I finished, I decided that Steve my DH might want one also, so I made a second one for him.  

Happy Scrappin",


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