Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hailey turns 4!

Wow, I can hardly believe she is only 4. She is so much fun and so bright, she is a joy to be around. When she was little, like about 5 - 6 months she used to caress our long hair and then rub her almost bald head, like I hope I grow some hair soon. Now she is wondering when she will get big boobs like mom.
She has a favorite stuffed little Chihuahua his name is "Dirt" and he has been washed so many times that his eyes are white, so now they look like he has cataracts. The other day she asked her mother to play "Go Fish". (which she doesn't really know how to play yet) Dawn asked her if she had a 10 and showed her the card so she would know what she was looking for, she said no and asked if it were her turn. Dawn said it was, so Hailey holds up a Jack and asks "Do you have a Cataract?" I laughed so hard I had tears and I thought Dawn was going to fall off the chair.
Teacher Jamie gave Hailey her crown so she could be the birthday princess for the day. I make the crowns for Pre-School and everybody loves them.

It is sad, but by the time Hailey's birthday comes we are all tired of cake so we bought Hailey a cupcake of her own. We sang Happy Birthday and then gave her the presents.

Mom and Dad gave her the new Tinker Bell movie.
Grandma and Grandpa gave her the Littlest Pet Shop Stuffed Penguin and she named her Swimmera. I hope I can remember that.

For Easter I gave her a Littlest Pet Shop Stuffed Bunny and she named it "Flying Rope" and called it a dog. Nobody told me she had named it and she woke up in the middle of the night crying for Flying Rope and I didn't know what she was looking for so I said "I'm sorry, but I can't find "Flying Rope" will you sleep with your new bunny? She was so happy, she said "You found Flying Rope, thanks Grandma you're the best! She cuddled up and went back to sleep.

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