Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gradnchildren's Birthday Party Invitation

I used Merry Monsters B1333 to make these. I have 4 Grandchildren so each child got to hand out their own monster invitation. Inside I have a Menu on the top portion, Bloody Fingers, Maggots al a Carte and Snail slime surprise. If you want to know how to make any of these items just drop me an email and I will explain, these are all edible foods with gross names. I will try to post some pics from the party so you can see our decorations. My Daughter and Son-in-Law have made an eyeball Pinnate and graves for the yard. They will be playing Pumpkin Golf, Bowling with pumpkins and flashlight tag. We have prizes and medals for the winners.

Don't forget to check back on Sunday or Monday for the pics.

Happy Scrapin',


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