Thursday, August 16, 2012

Update on the Baby Chicks.

The babies are now about 3 & 3 1/2 weeks old.  They are getting bigger and now I can see tail feathers starting to grow.  I still can't tell the sex yet, but in another couple weeks I'm sure I will be able to.  Here are some pics.
 This is the youngest one, it has the strait wing feathers and I can see the tail feathers starting.
 I love the coloring of this little chick.  This one is so fast we call it Speedy Gonzales.
 This is the second one that hatched and it is the darkest of all of them.  It has the curly wing feathers and barely has tail feathers.

 This is the First one that hatched, it has similar markings as the other two but it's wing feathers aren't quite as curly. It is lighter in color like the youngest one.
 This is the third oldest and has a lot of white feathers.  It is now getting some black on the wing feathers.  After reading a lot about my hens, we think that this one might be from my Golden Sex-link.
 I let them out everyday so they can forage in the grass.  Sarasvati and Medusa keep a close eye on them, especially when the other chickens are around. 

These chicks are so cute and fun to watch.  I can hardly wait to see them develop into big chickens.

Happy Scrappin',


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