Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My baby chicks are now 2 weeks old.

They have several pin feathers now and are growing like weeds.  
 Here they are getting ready to hop down from the door jam like Sarasvati did.
And here Medusa is in the Door jam.
 This one is the 2nd one that hatched.  I believe it is part Frizzle because the way it's pinfeathers on it's wings are curling up.  I am pretty sure that the mom is Sarasvati, my Partridge Cochin.
 Here my Great Nieces are holding 2 of the chicks.
We are trying to pick out names for them but I'm not sure if we have pullets or cockerels, or maybe both.  I am hoping for Pullets but won't know for sure for a few weeks more.
 Here my Niece, Tarina is holding the youngest of the 4 chicks and we are looking at it's pinfeathers.  No curls on this one, Yeah.  
 This is the 3rd one hatched and I'm not sure if it is a golden sexlink or if the dad was the Silkie.
 This is the first hatched and it also has curled pinfeathers.
 We have been letting them out in the grass during the day.
 Here are the 2 hens and their 4 chicks.  They are letting my great niece pet them, we all got to pick up the chicks and hold them and the hens too.  They are so mellow, except when another hen tries to get too close to the chicks.  Medusa takes quick action and lets them know who they are messing with.
They are really exploring the yard today.

 Zeus is small enough that he fits through the gate and can go between the two pins.  I bet he is tired tonight after all the trips between the two pins.
Here Zeus, Marigold and one of my Silver Laced Wyandottes is curious to see what is in the Upper part of the coop.  I screened it in so that they couldn't just jump right in with the hens and their          chicks.  

Happy Scrapin',


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