Saturday, September 3, 2011

Zion National Park and The Grand Canyon!!!

 Yesterday we went through the Zion National Park and saw some wonderful sights.  
Here are a few pictures of our trip.

It was so beautiful and we spent so much time there that we drove to Jacobs Lake near the turn off for The Grand Canyon but it was getting late and we wanted to make sure we could see all of the sights, so we went to see this little place called the Cliff Dwellers and this is what we found.  A rock house that was built around one of the giant rocks that had fallen from the giant rock wall behind.  This is the front, and it even has a covered patio.

 This is the back side, the rock acts as the roof.

 Watch your head the ceiling is a little low.

 I don't know what this was maybe a place to keep food cold or maybe a fire place.

 One of the Navajo ladies was set up to sell her hand made jewelry just behind this rock and she said this rock is an Ice Cream cone.  It  really does resemble one.  Steve thinks it looks like Taz from where he took the picture.

Mom bought a beautiful handmade Turquoise necklace from the lady.
We drove back to Kanab, UT for the night and got up early to go to the Grand Canyon.

Well we finally made it to the Grand Canyon today and I am so glad we waited, the temp was a lot cooler this morning when we started out.  When we first got through the entrance we saw the magnificent Beefalo.  This herd is not native to the park but migrated here from the northeastern edge.  
 Look at the baby, there were several.
 This guy was massive.
 Then about a mile in we saw wild Turkeys.
 2 Hens had about babies and half were crossing the road in front of us.
 This was a look out above the Angels Window, Mom didn't want to go at first but then decided she wouldn't be getting the whole experience if she didn't, so I made sure to get a picture.
 This is called The Angels Window.
 This is the Lodge. While at the gift shop I met a family from Ohio who also likes to scrapbook.
 Mom and Steve sitting on the railing overlooking the Grand Canyon.

I took over 100 photos today, so I should have plenty to scrapbook.  Tomorrow we drive through Monument Valley and see some more awesome sites.  Hopefully I will have WiFi available to post again.

Thanks for checking out my blog.  I love to get comments on what you think, and hear if you have been to these places too, so be sure to leave me some comments.

Happy Scrapin',


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