Thursday, September 8, 2011

Devil's Tower and Westward bound.

It was so hot in our room last night that we opened all the windows to cool the place off, it didn't get cool till about 5:00am.  This morning we woke up at 6:45 by a Harley driving by our room on his way to work, then the school bus came by at 7:00am, and the road construction crew started just as the bus pulled out.  And then Revelee of course was sounded at 7:30am so we figured it was time to get up and get started on our way.    We first drove to Sturgis and then on to the Devil's Tower, here are some pictures of our day.

 Mom and I standing in the parkling lot with the Devil's Tower in the background.
We met a lady today while at the Devils Tower, she has a Welsh Corgi who has Lou Gehrig's disease, he is 13 years old and they have a wheel chair for him.  She said he is very Friendly and has accepted his disability like a champ.  I suggested that she take him to see if he could become a service dog.  I think he could inspire people with disabilities especially those who have recently become disabled.  I got her email so we can keep in touch.  I love meeting new friends where ever we go.  
 This is a black tailed Prairie Dog.  They were everywhere, popping up from little holes.
 These pictures were taken as we were leaving the area, 
I don't know what the sculpture is or who made it but I thought it was interesting.
 As we were approaching Hwy 14 we saw these Long Horned Bulls and didn't notice until tonight when I put the pictures on my computer that the one closest to us was very thin,  
I was saddened to see how bad he looks.

 We also saw a wonderful sunset again tonight and I tried to capture it, but it was difficult.  The sun had a ring around it that was almost rainbow like.  Like when the moon gets the ring around it.  I had never seen anything like this.  Here are the pictures.
 Sorry about the bugs on the windshield, Steve couldn't pull over for me to take the pictures.

Tonight we decided to stay at Buffalo, WY, for the night and get an early start again tomorrow.
We are planning on being home by Sunday, so check back soon to see the pages I create with these pictures.  Thanks for checking out my blog, I hope you join my site or bookmark it so you can check back often.

Happy Scrapin',


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  1. I love all the pics. I finally got a camera so maybe now I can take tons of nice(not blurry)pics. :) :) I have you on my favorites bar so I can check in like every day :)
    Love you