Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mtn. Home, ID

We left West Yellowstone, MT this morning and headed toward home. but first we topped at the Visitors Center and went through their museum and watched a film on the earthquake in the 50's.  Sorry I don't remember the exact date, I was preoccupied at the time.  here are a few pictures I took there. 
They had a large collection of Flys for fishing and I have a neighbor who is 13, and he makes fly earrings, I bought a really cute pair from him this summer.
 Here someone has turned an old treadle sewing machine into a fly tying machine.

 More fly's in the museum collection.
Below this frame of fly's is a sign that says Early Fly's for sale, but doesn't give a price.

This is the bridge we had to cross to get into Twin Falls, ID.  They were having some kind of festival today and we stopped to use the restrooms and decided to stretch our legs a little and I took these pictures of the golf course on the Island below. 
 While at the Visitors Center we looked at all the stuff they had for sale and I found this really cute bracelet.  I asked for the person's name who made it but the young lady volunteering there didn't know who made them or hoe to find out so I can't tell you who made it.  I believe it is re-purposed costume Jewelry.  Of course you know what is going through my head.
So we left Twin Falls, ID and headed for Mtn. Home, ID.  We found the AFB and got a room.  I am so amazed by the size of the rooms, it is just unbelievable.  This room is like a 2 bedroom apt.  complete with washer and dryer in the unit.  The only thing it is missing is food in the cabinets.  There are 3 TV's, 1 queen bed, twin beds and a hide-a-bed in the living room.  I am getting where I don't want to stay in a regular hotel.   Here are some pictures.
 This is the living room,
 Here is the TV an Desk in the living room.
 Straight ahead is the dinning room, with 6 chairs, and the Washer and Dryer.
 At the end of the living room is the bedroom with twin beds.
 This bedroom has 2 dressers and a TV and walk-in closet.
 This is the kitchen, Microwave, toaster and  Stove.
 On the other side of the sink is the Coffee maker and refrigerator.  The other side of the kitchen has a long counter top and lots of cabinets.
 This is the other bedroom, Queen bed, 2 dressers.
A walk -in closet and TV.  

This trip has truly been amazing and I am so glad we shared it with Mom.  
I think she has enjoyed it as much as we have.  
I am sure she has to be as tired as I am and ready for her own bed again.

When we get Mom home tomorrow, she will get to go to her new little house in Dufur where her other children have been working hard to get it ready for her return. 

I get to go through almost 500 pictures and print out the ones I think she would like to have and put them in an album for her.  We might even frame some for her to hang on her walls.  

I hope you check back soon to see what else I am up too, it could be anything since all the grandchildren are in school now.  Hailey is only in school til noon every day, but it is every day, not just three days a week.   Dawn will be going back to school also, so my mornings will be open for want ever I want to do.  Hopefully I can get several pages done on our trip then I can get tarted on our Alaska trip we took 5 years ago, yes it has been 5 years.  I know!, I know! I should have had them done already.  Not only that, but I can start my classes back up in The Dalles again.

Happy Scrapin',


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  1. Thank you for the updates and pics. Love to see what you've been up to : ) That bracelet is gorgeous! lol I totally understand about the trips that haven't been scrapped in I'm about 10-11yrs. behind lol. Yay for school, playtime, and classes! : )
    Love you,