Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thank you card.

I made this card for all the people at the base, for Steve's incentive flight last week.  I also sent chocolate chip cookies.

  You Made Our Day
We appreciate your kindness
more than words can say;
The very nice thing you did for us
really made our day!

I meant to get more done by now, since I have almost 500 pictures that I need to scrapbook.  I have been a little busy this last couple weeks though.  My Daughter and her family moved out weekend before last and so I have been rearranging my stamp room trying to get organized so I can get creative and have room to move.   It has been different with out all of them here in the evening, I still get to see them everyday though.  The kids still go to the same school and ride the bus here everyday.  Dawn and Charlie are taking 12 credit hours each so I watch them till they can pick them up about 6:00 pm.  They had only been in their home 2 days when the kids wanted to know when they could have a sleepover with Grandma.  Both the girls gave me a big hug tonight before they left and Dawn had to tell them to let go after about 5 minutes so she could take them home.  

I am planning on being in the Operation Write Home Blog Hop on Saturday, October 1st so check back here for that, you can start the hop from here.  I will be posting a holiday card for the hop.

Happy Scrapin',


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