Saturday, September 24, 2011

Steve's Incentive Flight.

My Dear Hubby has been in the Air National Guard for 33+ years and is getting ready to retire.  He finally got an Incentive ride in an F-15 Eagle Fighter Jet. on Wednesday, Sept 21, 2011 at 11:00am..  They do what they call a "Gate Climb", that is where the pilot gets the Jet just far enough off the runway that when they turn straight up to the sky that the tail doesn't hit the runway and they keep it that way till they hit 15,000 feet, then they level out.  The pilot took Steve over our house and then to Newport and up to Astoria and was supposed to come back to Portland and land.  However the jet that took off after Steve's blew a tire and left debris over 1500 feet of the runway so Steve's Jet was diverted to McChord AFB in Tacoma, WA. and so was the wounded  jet.  They had to tow the wounded jet off the runway there before Steve and his pilot were able to return home.  I took some pics of Steve in his flight suit and helmet and in the seat of the jet along with a video of the take off.

 L-R rear, James, Dawn, Charlie, "Pyro" and Steve with his arm around me.
L-R front, Jordan, Hailey, Mary and Zack.

Steve all suited up and ready to go.

Here we are leaving the office to go to the runway to watch the take off.
This is "Pyro" The Pilot who took Steve on the flight. (Steve is on the right) 
I almost forgot about Flat Stanley, (In the plastic bag that Pyro is holding) he rode up front with "Pyro".  You can follow Flat Stanley on his adventures Here and check out his website Here
Steve in the seat of the F-15 Eagle.

 While the others were getting Steve in the seat, "Pyro" was telling the grandchildren that he had only flown twice before, but they didn't have an engine, they were gliders.  But he had his flight exam earlier and he passed, so he thinks he's good to go.  Zack (In the striped shirt closest to the camera) seemed worried so I stepped closer and asked him if he really thought that the Military would really let him take Grandpa up if he didn't qualify.  When we got back to the office I took Zack over to the board with all the pilots pictures and showed him that "Pyro" is also a pilot for American Airlines and has logged 2800 hours.  He felt  much better.  He said "You mean he was lying to us?"

Jeff , standing by the ladder, drove us of to the runway where we could see the take off up close.
Buzz, Neil, Brian and Floyd (all good friends who work with Steve) were all on the jet helping Steve get strapped in and ready.
This is the video of the take off. 

 Steve took some pictures while on the flight too. 

 This is Mt. Rainier
Mt. St. Helen's
Mt. Adams
 Mt. Hood

 This was such an AWESOME day.  Steve was so excited, and if you know Steve he doesn't show his emotions much, but Wednesday was different.  I was so excited for him too.

So you know what this means, yep more scrapbook pages.  Wow!!! I have my work cut out for me.  Not to mention that the Bazaars start in November also.

I think I will work on organizing my stamp room tomorrow and see if I can get some of these pages at least started.

Happy Scrapin',



  1. OH MAN WHAT A GREAT OPPORTUNITY...I bet he was so excited. Congratulations to your hubby.

  2. Beautiful pictures! And such an exciting day.. Zack is priceless. :-)