Sunday, September 4, 2011

Monument Valley and Arches National Park.

Today we drove through Monument Valley, and saw some wonderful sites.  Here are a few pictures.  I don't know all the names of the rocks but I will share them as soon as I find out.  If you know the names, please leave me a comment. 

 then on the way to Moab, UT we ran across some other interesting sites.
 Mexican Hat just outside of the town of Mexican Hat, UT.
 Navajo Twins,
 and "Mater"
 We were actually driving through Monticello UT when we passed by "Tow-Mater" and I had Steve turn around so we could get a picture with "Mater".
 Church Rock
 We drove to Arches National Park and here are a few interesting sites we found there. 
 Mom thinks this looks like the 3 wise men.
 Mom and Steve.
Balance Rock

 Double Arches, I think.
 Elephants on Parade.
 Delicate Arch.

Devil's Garden.
After we left the park we drove to Grand Junction, CO. where we are going to stay tonight and then we plan to drive to Laramie, WY. where we will celebrate our 30th anniversary.  
I hope we can find a nice place for dinner.  

Please leave me comments if you know the names of the rocks or if I have confused them.  It has been a long trip and I am feeling a little rummy from all the activity.

Happy Scrapin',


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