Friday, April 12, 2013

Update on my chickens.

The hens that hatched out in October are starting to lay now and boy was I surprised.  I have 2 Banty/ Cochin hens, one Black and 1 Red, 2 Banty/Frizzle hens that are Red. and 2 Silver Laced Cochin hens and 5 Black Australorp mix hens. They are mixed with Buff Orpington and Ameraucanas.   2 are solid black and 2 have a little color on the front of the neck one almost looks like a Rooster, with the 2 tone feathers on the head and neck, they are reddish orange then she has blood red feathers on her wings and chest.  She is Beautiful.  Diffenatly an Ameraucana mix.
That is a total of 11 hens. I think that is enough for now.

So I have been getting some dark green eggs which is an Ameraucana trait but yesterday I got quite a surprise when I went to gather the eggs.  I only got 5 which was not a big deal, but the size of one was, that poor hen must have hurt laying it.
 The little light brown egg is a Banty egg so it is a little smaller than a regular egg, but the green one in the middle is a normal Ameraucana egg.  the one on the right barely fits in the egg carton and then it won't close all the way.
 When I first saw it I said OUCH!!! Dawn said she had gotten some really big eggs, but I didn't think I would get any this big.  That one egg makes the banty eggs look even smaller.

 I also ended up with 4 Roosters out of the 2 hatchings.
 Miss Mary, my chicken whisperer holding Mr Speckles, who looks like his dad Zeus did.  He is a mix between a Silver Laced Cochin Banty and a Silver Laced Wyandotte.  He is the size of the Wyandotte not the Banty.
 This Rooster is a Black Australorp/Ameraucana mix.  You can see a little bit of coloring in his neck but not much.  He has the puffy cheecks that the Ameraucanas have.  We are calling him Mr. Ameraucana.
 This Rooster is a Black Australorp/Buff Orpington mix.  You can see some buff colored feathers in his neck area. Black Australorp roosters are very tall, they stand taller than my knees, I am 5'2".  The one below has a lot of buff feathers in his neck area and on his wings.  He looks more like what they call a splash.
 I am thinking about selling the roosters, I don't really need any new babies this year.  I can't eat the eggs like I had planned when I first got the chicks so now I am selling the eggs.  Mr Speckles keeps everybody in line for me and makes sure they all go to bed at night, which is nice.

Happy Scrappin',



  1. This was a good reminder to bring money for your eggs Saturday! Can't wait to try them!

  2. I just have to remember to bring them.