Friday, April 5, 2013


Well, this Easter was a little different. We usually have Turkey and Ham, but this year we had Lamb chops.  Steve and I liked them but they were too fat for the rest of the clan.  We did have some good Patty Pan squash and some Steamed Normandy mixed vegetables.  I didn't even make deviled eggs this year.  I hard boiled 2 dozen eggs but didn't get them colored either.  Dawn made some Croissants shaped like nests and baked colored eggs inside the nests.  They looked delicious, she didn't take many home so they must have been good.   They also brought a fruit salad that looked good.  I didn't get anything done that I wanted to, because I was out of town on Saturday.  But we did have Easter baskets for the grandchildren and they hunted eggs outside.  Grandpa even got in on the egg hunt.  Here are some pics.
 Grandpa picking up an egg that everyone else had passed right by.  Dawn is concerned that Grandpa may be reverting back to his childhood a little faster than we thought. I guess I'll have to buy him a basket of his own next year.
 Jordan found one close by too.
 Hailey saw one at a distance and took off running to get it before anyone else could.
 Mary was searching near the chicken fence, and still missed several.
 Jordan and Hailey trying to find the last few eggs that were missing.
 Zack finally found one.  I filled about 65 plastic eggs with candy and Dawn boiled 3 dozen so there were plenty eggs to find.
 Grandpa was helping Mary and Hailey find the eggs out by the garden beds.
 Zack and Mary still looking for eggs.
  Grandpa was also picking up toys so he could mow the grass right after the egg hunt.
Finally caught Jordan picking up an egg.  

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter.  We certainly enjoyed ours.  

Happy Scrappin',


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