Friday, May 19, 2017

Best Friends Forever Layout | DT by Tarina Lafollette

Hello All!
Today's project was made with an upcoming birthday in mind...
Yes, it's for a girl. lol
Yes, it took longer than I had originally planned. lol
Yes, the time it took was totally worth it!😁
This layout features the Little Dreamer collection, watercolors, and the Flower Market cartridge.

I started with CTMH watercolor paper and watercolored the shape of a heart. I didn't really have a guide, I just kind of guessed. I pulled the colors from the Little Dreamer color pallette and made sure to dry in between colors so they didn't mix and make browns. Also, I tried not to move the colors around much while applying them because I noticed the dry colors liked to soak up the water and mix with the new ones. To get the drippy effect, you just tip up the page after applying each color. I also added a few splatters of each color so that the page didn't seem so bare. *Using watercolor paper helps minimize warping.
After making sure the paint was dry, I trimmed down the page just enough on each side to have the heart in the upper center of the page. I also made sure to cut equal amounts so the page stayed square. I then adhered it onto a full sheet of the (purple/w rainbows) patterened paper from the Little Dreamer collection.
Generally, I distress the edges of the paper before sticking it in place, but I totally forgot to this time. lol So I decided to bring out my peircing tool, white thread and my CTMH ruler (because it has a stitching guide along one side), and a little washi tape (to stick down the ends). I randomly added some zigzag stitching along the edge to help soften the line of the white and purple papers.

After adding the stitching, I took a little time and created veining in the leaves of the wreath with my piercing tool. Then I decided to place down my heart-wreath die on top of the watercolored heart. I lifted the left side of the heart with 3D Foam tape because I knew I wanted to tuck the photo under there and it also adds a little dimention. All of the die cuts are from pg. 42 of the CTMH Flower Market cartridge.💗
Speaking of the photo, I LOVE the Be Funky photo editing app! This is how I got the title 'BEST Friends FOREVER' on the photo. And the print quality after editing is great too! So, I backed the photo in a few different patterns from the Little Dreamer paper pack, making sure to stagger them a bit. As mentioned before, I tucked the photo/paper grouping just under the left side to the heart wreath. I decided to add some more foam adhesive under the right side of the photo mat.

Next up are the flowers. These took quite a while to create, mostly because of their size...the smaller they are, the more difficult they are to manipulate in our fingers lol. Once these were together, I layed them out on the left side of the heart where I thought they looked good and adhered them with Liquid Glass. Why would I add just one purple flower? It helps balance the purple in the photo mat, and also draws your eye to the left side of the photo.
Now, to get the sparkly leaves I used the white Shimmer Trim and covered each leaf. I then trimmed any extras from around the edge of the leaf and Ta-Da! you have a white shimmery leaf! I just randomly placed them around the flower wreath/flower cluster, adhering with Liquid Glass.
Last, comes the bling! I used the Little Dreamer Glitter Gems and Bitty Sparkles, of course to round out the layout.

Here's the Layout recipe:
Washi tape

Since this is a gift, I created a card to match.
I used some of the rainbow paper from the Little Dreamer paper pack to tie in the colors.
The card pattern I bought from the Silhouette Design store.

I hope you leave this post inspirted and have a lovely weekend!

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