Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Vintage Camera Mini Album.

I'm so sorry, I usually post the classes before they happen, but this time that didn't happen. So here are the pictures of the Vintage Camera that we made on Saturday.

 This is the first one that I made.  I found several different patterns for making one of these cameras.  I likes some aspects of each one, so I combined them the make this one.

 This is the second one that I made, trying to get the instructions correct.

This is the third one that I made, I really like all of them.  I can see these made with all different colors.

If you would like to make this Vintage Camera, the cost is $15.00 plus 5.95 shipping.

I only have enough For Always paper to make 2 black cameras. I have enough Scholastic Paper to make 1 brown camera and I have several other paper packs that would make cute cameras also.  If you are interested let me know and I will show you all the options.

Happy Scrappin',



  1. Nice vintage album. I like the front side very much.