Monday, October 10, 2011

We went to Steve's Mom's on Saturday.

We went to Dufur to visit family.  The weather was beautiful, sunny and warm just perfect for getting all of us together.  Here is a picture of Joan (Mom) and her Sister Norma.  Aunt Norma retired from Safeway yesterday so we had to celebrate that.  Uncle Mike and Aunt Norma brought cousin Julie and her 2 Daughters and a friend of theirs.
We had a great time.  Dianne and John were there, here is a pick of them when some of us walked down to the Pastime for a drink.
Alex and Mariah were there too.
Mariah brought her friend Mr Bacon Jr. II,
that is what she calls her Dinosaur that is drinking her Jager Bomb.
Mr Bacon Jr. II had a lot to drink
Mr. Bacon ended up getting sick and having to go to bed early. 
I hope he feels better.
Dan, Nancy, Sonny, Ruby and Henry were there too, Henry fell as I was trying to take the pic. 
The Twins are 19 months, and as cute as can be.
This is Henry Paul and Grandma Joan on the swing.

This is Miss Ruby June.  Cousin Janelle is in the background.
I didn't take many pictures, and I should have taken a lot.  Cindy and Randy were there with Janelle, and Jim, Karl and Kyle were there with Alex.  Karl was dressed in Jim's Lineman gear, complete with  hard hat.  He is only 8 1/2 but as big as my grandson Jordan, who is 13.  It's all those German genes he gets from his Mom's side.  He is so darn cute.  Most of the day the guys were playing bad mitten just on the other side of the lattice behind Miss Ruby. 

We bought a frame with 8 places for pictures and I picked out some really nice pictures of our trip and put them in the frame and gave it to her Yesterday while we were there.  She recognized them as being from our trip and said she had a wonderful time.  I am so glad she enjoyed it, we did too.  We have already been talking about doing it again only taking more time to see everything.

Happy Scrapin',


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