Saturday, January 1, 2011

I can hardly believe that it is January 2011 already.

Happy New Year! 

I haven't posted in a while and I really should have.  There have been lots of things going on in  our life.  Some I can talk about and others I can not yet.  We stopped by My Sister's on Christmas day visited for a short time then went on to Dufur to visit Steve's family for Christmas and had a wonderful time.  Steve and I spent the night in The Dalles and visited with my brother on Sunday before we drove home.  We spent the night at home and headed for Lincoln City for a couple days.  There was a storm coming in and the wind was blowing the rain sideways.  The wind was very strong, it kept me awake most of the second night there.  We did have a good time even if the weather was yucky.

Monday is my birthday and because my Son will be out of town working they decided to give me my present tonight.  They gave me a Toshiba Laptop.  I have spent the last few hours setting up all my favorite settings and finding all my favorite places so I decided I better update my blog too.  Hopefully this will make it a little easier to keep updated.

Steve and his Mother's birthday's are this month also.  I guess I should start working on some cards.  I have been really bad since February I haven't sent out Birthday cards and I was doing so well getting them out on time before that.

I have scheduled some new dates for my Meetup Group for the coming year, you can join my meetup Group by clicking below the Beavercreek Paper Crafters Meetup Group Icon on the top right corner of my Blog. It is free to join and there is no obligation to come.  I add pictures of the projects that I will teach when I get them ready.

I am hoping to start a class in The Dalles so I can visit with my Family more often.  My Mother-In-Law has asked me to come up and show her some things that she can do.  She recently gave up her car and they  moved to Flagstone in the independent living area and is not used to it yet.  So I agreed to come up once a month to visit and do a craft of some kind.

Happy Scrapin',


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