Sunday, January 16, 2011

Grandma Turns 80!

Well you know we couldn't leave that alone.  So we planned this huge wonderful surprise party.  I started this idea just before Christmas and got all the family in on it.  Then I contacted the Church and Senior center to see where we could have the party. The Church Hall was available and was the perfect place to have the party.  I sent out invitations and started making party decorations.  We were able to keep it a complete surprise.  Here are some pictures that I took, between visiting and making sure everything ran as planned.

As Grandma (Steve's Mom) entered the room we started singing Happy Birthday.  She was so surprised.

The first thing she said to me was I wondered where you were.  She said Barbara( her Daughter who lives in Alaska) was here most of the week and didn't even say a word. Barbara was not able to make it to the party as she had made other plans that could not be changed.  So out of 7 children she had 5 there and all in on the surprise.

I took her for a fitting so that I knew the Tiara would fit.  I told her she was Queen for the day and she said just for the day?

My Son James had to give Grandma a hug and wish her a Happy Birthday  as she was starting to mingle with her friends.
 Grandpa Bill and Grandma holding Ruby June one of her youngest Sons Twins.
 Grandma holding Ruby and Dan (Her Youngest Son) Giving her a Birthday hug and kiss.
 Bill Standing Grandma holding Ruby, June Dan's MIL) Holding Henry Paul, Ruby Junes Twin, Dan and way in the back is Dan's brother David
Bill, David, Dan and Grandma holding Ruby and Grandma June holding Henry.
My Granddaughter Hailey and My Sister-in-Law Dianne's Granddaughter Piper playing under the table we had set up for the kids to make valentine cards while the adults were visiting.
 My Sister Shirley, putting the finishing touches on the cake.  I had forgot to add the little pearls to the main base cake like we had to the two round layers.  She also made a Gluten Free cake so that those who couldn't have Gluten could still enjoy some cake too. I don't know what I would have done with out her.  She was so much help.  She came at 9 am and even stayed and helped clean up till we left at 4pm..
This is Grandma Joan standing behind her cake that I made, wearing her tiara.

We only ate the top round layer which was white cake with Bavarian Cream and Raspberry filling and 1/4 of the bottom cake which was Chocolate with Chocolate Mousse filling.  So I donated The large chocolate layer to St Vincent De Paul for their community meal and I took the rest to the Senior Center where they were getting ready for bingo.  We also had a couple salads left by some guests and we donated those to the Community meal too.

Just as I took the last picture Little Piper walked up with a balloon tied to her wrist (so that Mom and Grandma Dianne could find her) and it looked so cute with her standing there next to Great Grandma, I just had to take another one.
 I made these to go on the table covers for the cake table and the food tables.  I stamped the pink with brown butterflies then scored every 1/2 inch and folded accordion style and connected both ends together then pressed flat and glued to a circle in the back.

I bought these table decorations and added the pink butterflies and the center medallion.

Here is a better picture of them.

I made the small medallions the same as I did the big ones.  We had pink balloons tied to them while they were on the tables.  I wish I would have gotten more pictures of the way we had things set up.  The food table (4 to be exact) was full of delicious looking food and it smelled wonderful too.  I couldn't eat most of it because of the Elimination diet that I am on.  I feel so much better than I have in a very long time so I was good and didn't try anything.  NOT EVEN THE CAKE!!!  I didn't even taste the frosting, I had my sisterShirley do that.  And those of you who know me, I hope your not on the floor.

I think I talked to everyone who entered the party and they all came up to me before they left and thanked me  for inviting them and letting them be part of this wonderful party.  I had some ask me if I do this for a living and when I said no they said that I should because it ran so smoothly and was a very nice party.  One lady said that she and her husband owned the Bakery in The Dalles for 30 years and thought I had done a wonderful job on the cake and the flavor and moistness was fantastic and coming from a bakers wife that is quite a compliment. She saw I had a line up of people waiting for cake and said do you mind if I help you?  She helped cut and serve the cake.  Then suggested that I donate some of it to St Vincent De Paul's community dinner, so I did.

My Daughter Dawn and her Husband Charlie and all 4 grandchildren were a tremendous help also.  They helped set up which included unloading my van and their car and directing people who brought food where to set it and had people sign the poster so that Grandma could see who all was there, in case she didn't get to talk to everyone.  Dawn and Shirley started the clean-up as soon as they saw people starting to clear out.  Steve jumped in the kitchen and started doing dishes.  I had a couple ladies tell me that I had trained the fellas right when she saw that they were doing so much to help.   My family is very helpful when I get these big ideas to throw a party like this.  I don't know what I would do without them.

My Sister-in-Law Tammy is a photographer and scrap-booker( ) and she took family pictures of each of the families with Grandma so that we have generational pictures.  I will post ours when I get it.

I know this isn't cards or Scrapbooking but I hope you enjoyed the story and pictures.

Happy Scrapin',


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