Sunday, July 12, 2009


It's July 12th already, I have been out for a while. I had emergency surgery last Monday, my appendix just didn't want to hang out with me any more. Go figure. At least it let me enjoy the 4th of July. I took the grandchildren to Canby to see the festivities at Waite park and to get an Ice Cream from their Grandma Denise who has an Ice Cream Trailer that she sets up at events around town. We try to go to the events so that she can see the kids and we help her income a little. Then came home and watered my plants like usual. I woke up about 5:00 am with a burning pain in my stomach and it never got better. I finally called the Dr. about 6:00 pm and he said I had to go in to Emergency. They checked me in and gave me pain meds(yeah) then took me for a CT scan and before I returned back to the room the Dr. had told my Daughter that she needed to call My hubby to let him know that I was going to have surgery. The Surgeon was currently in surgery so we had to wait till he could get to me. Finally about 12:45 am they wheeled me back and the next thing I knew it was 3:30 am and they were taking me to my room where I would finish my stay. My Hubby was there waiting for me. Well you know the routine they come in every half hour to check vitals and then finally leave you to rest after they've thoroughly woke you up.

About 10:30 am my Daughter brought my Son and all the grandkids to see me. I had just gotten a new room mate so I thought I should go for a walk and get the kids out a little. The nurses desk called me the Pied Piper because of the trail of people. The Dr. who did the Surgery was Dr. Freedman and he is Awesome. He came in and explained what he did and said that I was quite a challenge, he had never ran across an appendix that had attached it's self to the colon wall before. It caused the surgery to last 2 hrs & 45 minutes. My hubby came to visit me and brought a hugh bouquet of flowers, and ate dinner with me. He can be so sweet.
On Tuesday morning Dr. Freedman came by and said I could go home. YEAH !!!
I am back to watering my plants and doing a few thing for myself but still trying to take it easy. Wow did the garden grow while I was down. I think the pumpkin is taking over.
Thanks for checking back to see what's up here with me.
Happy Scrappin,

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