Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Update on my healing process

Everything was going good the last few days. The adhesives on one of the bandages were bothering me a little and we tried to use a Latex free bandaide. Well last evening I noticed 2 blisters where the larger bandage had been so I called the Dr. Office and asked what I should do. He told me to go see the Surgeon tomorrow, it didn't seem bad enough to go to the ER for. A couple hours later I started with the chills and then my Face felt like it was on fire. When I checked in the mirror my face was all red and blotchy looking. Took my temp and it was 100.4 so I called the Dr. again and he said ya you better go get checked out. So my daughter drives me to Milwaukie Providence hospital. Lucky me, no one was in the waiting room and they sent me into the triage room and got the paper work rolling. Now my temp is only 99 they look at the blisters and said ya looks like an allergy, and sent me to the lobby. The CNA comes to the door to call me back and stands there, like do I really have to call your name you are the only one here. I was getting up, but I am slow because of my tummy and back issue, Dawn says to me jokingly, I'm pretty sure she is here for you, you need to get up. So the CNA hears us talking and asks if I need a wheel chair and we both said no. Dawn continues, she had one of those last week when she came in for her appendix and doesn't want to do that again. (Talking about the wheel chair) The CNA says well honey she can't, we only have one apendix. So we get to Room 9 and she says what can I do to make you comfortable? Well you know me, I said" for starters you can get an extra pad and some warm blankets and extra pillows." She gives me a gown and leaves the room. The next thing I know she is walking in the room with an extra pad and blankets and pillows. So I say, I'm sorry I was just joking, you really don't have to do this. She says you can't joke with the nurses honey. So after putting the extra pad on and putting a warm blanket down she had me lie down and put 2 more warm blankets on top of me, then raised to leg part of the bed for my knees. The CNA then sits and sees my red itchy, burning face and says do you get embarrassed easy? This was the best service I have ever received from a Hospital ER before, Thank you Claire. Dawn took a picture so I could scrapbook it.

Happy Srappin,


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