Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We were at the beach for a couple days with family.

Barbara, Steve's Sister, had come down from Alaska on Friday and planned to go to the Beach for a few days.  So we joined Barbara, her Son David and Steve's Sister Dianne and her Daughter Hali and granddaughter Piper and of course Great Grandma for a couple days at Newport, OR.  

Here are lots of pictures from Saturday, in the back is Grandpa Steve, with Miss Mary, Dawn and Great Grandma, Miss Hailey, Jordan and Zackery.  They all love GG so much. 
There are 4 generations in this picture.
Jordan playing in the water at Agate Beach.
Zackery and Jordan in the water.

Great Grandma kept asking me, "How can he get in the water like that? It's got to be cold."

Hali, Dianne and her Grand Daughter Piper, Barbara Grandpa Steve with Miss Mary and Zackery.
Jordan, Zackery, Mary and Hailey walking on the rocks looking for tiny crabs and other sea creatures.

We found these on a huge rock and thought they look like Lizard toes.  We don't know what they are but we thought they were a pretty cool find.
The lizard toes up close, Aren't they pretty cool

Grandpa Steve and Jordan were checking out all the little crevices in the rock wall.
This one has a little pool in it. 
Look at all the holes in the huge rock.

Jordan found a cool rock.
When he picked it up he found some tiny crabs.

This guy was smaller than a nickel.

 This little guy was a little larger.
 Here is an anemone that we found. Some were green with purple ends and some were orange.

 Miss Piper loved playing in the water.  She would stomp around then just start laughing.  She is so cute.
Cousin David rinsing the sand off everyone, while Grandpa Steve inspects. 
The girls shirts were in the car that had to park way up on the road,
so Grandpa Steve let them wear his shirts till mom could get theirs.
When Grandpa first offered the shirts Hailey said,"a No Thanks!" So Grandpa explained it was to keep her warm till Mom came back with her own shirt.  Then when she came out in this giant shirt and everyone laughed and thought they were cute she was ok with wearing it.  I told Grandpa all he would have had to do is tell her it was a dress and she would have put it right on, she loves dresses.
Miss Mary and Miss Piper laughing at Mary's toes.
Mary would wiggle her toes and Piper would just burst out laughing.
Miss Piper giving Cousin Dawn a big hug.
Great Grandma Joan with three of her children, Steve, Barbara and Dianne, and three of her grandchildren, Dawn, David and Hali, and five Great Grandchildren, Jordan, Zackery, Mary, Hailey and Piper
Grandpa Steve walking Dawn and the grandchildren back to their car,
so they can head back to Beavercreek.
We went to Mo's for dinner and then walked around on the pier
 and found these two Sea Lions laying on the dock below.
We returned to the motel for the evening so we could get up and walk on the beach again.  This was the first time I have been on the Beach in several years and I was able to walk in the soft sand and it didn't bother me at all like it used to.  I even found some small shells while I was out there.  I owe it all to my Dr, and the Diet he put me on 8 1/2 months ago.  I am so excited I want to go again. 

Maybe I will scrapbook some of these.

Happy Scrapin',


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