Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Update on Baby Chicks again

Well, we spent a good portion of today putting the chicks back in their totes.  They aren't flying yet but they can flap enough to get on the edge of the totes and hop back and forth.

This is Ixchell and she has gotten out several times today. All of the Cochin have different markings on their heads so it is easy for us to tell them apart.
 These pictures were taken the other day but as you can see Ixchell wants out of the box or tote.
This is the poor little chick that the others were picking on and she want out too.  I say poor little chick, but she is actually the largest one of all.
Here Miss Mary is showing the neighbors how to hold a baby chick.
Here Miss Mary and Mairen, the Neighbor are holding the chicks. Mairen's Grandma got some baby chicks last weekend and Mairen and her family are going to get some this weekend.  They are so excited about it too.
Here the silly girls are letting the chicks kiss.
Steve finally went to the Dr. and got a z-pak so maybe he will start feeling better soon.  Today he worked on the Chicken coop again and put the door on and some of the wire up.  He asked me to help him staple some of the edges of the wire down while he worked on putting up another section of wire.  Hey that's an improvement from the other day, no nails or screws to sort.  I have helped him on numerous other projects but after I hurt my back i was limited on what and how much I could do.  He is having a hard time adjusting to me being much better and able to do more things, he says he doesn't want me to over do it.
  They need to finish the nesting boxes, but we won't need them right away. They also need to finish the roof. Now if the weather will just cooperate and warm up a little we could put the chicks out in the Coop.

I will keep you posted on the progress and when we get to put the chicks out in the Coop.

Happy Scrapin',


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