Monday, April 4, 2011

Baby Chicks update.

Well it has been 10 days now and still no coop to put them in.  The guys are working on it but with Guard drill and the rain they haven't had much time.  The chicks are getting their pin feathers and trying to fly.  Luckily they can't get any height yet, but they do make it across the tote.  I took this picture on Saturday and I plan on taking more each Saturday until the time to pluck them well, at least 10 of them.
This picture is from the day we got them, just to show the difference in size.
It is hard to tell but they have doubled in size since we got them.  The Cochin were the larger ones but now the Cornish cross have caught up.  There are a couple Cornish cross ones that are a few days younger than the rest.  You can tell because they are smaller and have less pin feathers.  We have named them, Chicken little, 1 and 2.  They are all so funny to watch.  There is one that Dawn picked up the other day that squawked until she put it down and others that won't make a peep.   

I did go to thee Portland Friends Scrap all day Crop on Saturday.  I met a lot of great ladies who love the same things I do.  I will post pictures of the cards I made tomorrow.

Happy Scratchin',


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