Monday, February 21, 2011

Open crop & Fundraiser for RPHS Choir Students!

My Friend Shannon held a FREE Open Crop and Fundraiser yesterday to help raise funds for her daughter to go to Chicago to a conference in March.  We didn't raise a lot of funds but we had a great time.  My friends Kate and Loyal came and the 4 of us worked on our own projects and enjoyed visiting and telling story's.  We met at Somerset Senior Living center in the Willamette room.  There were 9 tables and lots of plugins for us to have 2 Cricuts and our heat guns and our laptops right at our tables.  Shannon brought sandwiches from subway and chips and I supplied the coffee, tea and cocoa.

Shannan and I want to have more of these Open Crops and hope you will join us.  I will try to post the next one on my blog but you could also join my Meetup group and keep up to date on all the events I have in the works.  just follow this link The-Beavercreek Paper Crafters meetup group  You might have to join meetup also but it is FREE to join both.  If you just join meetup and not my meetup group you still will not be able to see all the information for my events.

Happy Scrapin',


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