Friday, February 4, 2011

Are Fairies real?

Saturday, my two granddaughters were making Fairy houses to see if Fairies were really real.  My grandson Zack got on board and made a Fairy Hotel sign.  They went out to play and I went to a friends house.  Yesterday after the 3 older kids got home they went outside to play and they were out there a very short time when Hailey (5 yrs) burst into my stamp room exclaiming THEY'RE REAL!, THEY'RE REAL!  So I had to ask "What is real?"  "Fairies, Grandma" she said.  So I asked" How do you know?"  She said "We left crackers and sunflower seeds out in the houses and the crackers are gone!" THEY'RE REALLY REAL!  She was so excited to  find out that Fairies are really real, that I had to share this news with all of you in case you have little ones who want to know if they are real too.

Hailey is such a girly girl, and always smiling. We have a hard time getting her to wear anything but dresses, even in the snow and freezing cold.  Usually we just have her put on pants under the dress.  That way we are all happy.

I hope you enjoyed the story today.

Happy Scrapin', 


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