Friday, August 20, 2010

Mary caught a fish!

Last Sunday the weather was very hot and My Daughter and SIL decided to go to the Canby pond and play in the water.  There was lots of people and some of their friends went with them.  Some of the kids noticed that there were fish in the pond and tried to catch them.  Well, all of a sudden Mary starts yelling I caught one, I caught one.  So Dawn looks over and sure enough Mary had caught about an 8" fish with her bare hands.  By the time Dawn and Charlie got over to her, she had squeezed the fish to death.  She said it kept wiggling and she diddn't want to drop it.

When Mary got home she came running in to show Grandpa and I what she caught.  She was so excited and so proud of herself.  Grandpa and I were getting ready to go out on a date, so he told Mary and her dad what they needed to do to dress the fish and get it ready to cook.  Dawn cooked it up and Mary took one bite and didn't like it.  She is so cute, especially  when she gets excited.

Yes we are going to scrapbook this one.

Happy Scrapin',


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