Sunday, August 1, 2010

Magnolia Flower.

Here is a Magnolia flower I made using the SU Ornament punch.  My husband thinks it looks more like a water lilly.  What do you thin

I punched 4 New England Ivy Ornaments and 8 White Daisy Ornaments.  I sponged Creme Brulee around the edges and lightly in the centers of each petal.  I used a small Hibiscus punch to make the very center.  I punched 3 small Hibiscus from White Daisy CS and put them on the Creme Brulee ink pad then took them and brushed each petal up against the corner of New England Ivy ink pad just to get a little green on the edges of the tiny petals.  The first Hibiscus I curled slightly with a impresser on a piece of foam.  I took the other 2 Hibiscus and cut into the centers slightly then curled them with the large end on a stylus.  I then glued them with Liquid Glass and let them sit.  I took 3 of the White daisy ornaments and trimmed them down so they were more narrow and sponged the edges again.  Then I layered them in a circle, glued them with Liquid glass and let them dry.   I took the other 5 White Daisy ornaments and carefully layered them with the left edge under the first petal and the right edge over the next petal until they were in a circle.  I then glued them with Liquid Glass and let them dry. I then glued the layers together and let them sit overnight to dry.

Hint: Interlock the tops of the ornament together in the center.

Here is a Rose I made a while back with the same punch.
I punched 3 ornaments out of New England Ivy and took tiny notches out of the edges to make them look more like a rose leaf.  I drew the veins with the New England Ive marker then put the leaf on a piece of foam and ran the stylus over the veins, to give them more character.

I followed Becky Jensen's tutorial here is a link SU Ornament-punch-rose-tutorial
Thanks Becky for posting your tutorial.

My Computer has had a mind of it's own this last week, so I called my IT support (from his bedroom door) and said look you gotta fix this thing.  He said the same old thing, "Get a new computer!"  Then he decided to take a look and he changed some settings so hopefully it will it won't kick me out of the internet all the time.

I hope you enjoyed the flowers I posted.  If you have any questions about anything that you see on my blog, website or my new Meetup group just send me an email or text and I will be glad to answer any questions.

Happy Scrapin',



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