Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Convention starts tomorrow, in Washington D.C.

When I found out that this years Convention was going to be held in Washington D.C. I wanted to go, mainly to see the sites.  They do spoil you at convention with all the new products they give out.  Maybe convention 2012 will be held closer to us and I will be able to go to that one.  If I were smart I would set aside money each month  just for going to convention.  I will wait to see where they are holding the next one before I make that decision.

I would love to see The Smithsonian Museums 

and the Jefferson Memorial and I will get to some day.

We have someone on the inside, who is giving us tid-bits of information about some of the changes that are coming and so far the changes are sounding real good.  I can't tell you what I have heard yet, but keep watching my blog and I will reveal them as soon as I can.

I went to Radio Shack yesterday to get a new battery charger for my camera but was told that any charger with the right connection on the end will work.  So I came home and found a charger with the right connector and plugged it in.  It charged just enough to flash the picture on the screen and then gives me the message  "Replace the battery pack."  So I am off to Radio Shack to get a new battery and see if that will fix my problem.  Hopefully I will be able to share some of the things that I have been making.

Last Thursday I had a small class at my house, and we made Tea-light cakes.  I wish my camera would have worked because the ladies made some very cute cakes.  The ladies said they had a great time and wanted to come again sometime.  They live in California, so it will probably be next year.

Happy Scrapin',


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