Friday, July 9, 2010

Broccoli Crowns.

I went out to the garden tonight and I picked 2 Broccoli crowns.  Then I went to the Blueberry bushes and picked a handful of blueberries.  The garden sure likes this heat we are having.  The corn stalks are as tall as I am now and just a couple days ago they weren't to my shoulder.  We have pea pods on but they aren't ready yet.  Our bell peppers have blooms and so does our jalapeños.  Our squash and melons are blooming too.

I went to Radio Shack and bought a new battery for my camera tonight.  So once it is fully charged I will be able to take pictures of all the items I have been making.  I really should be making more stuff but it is hard to get motivated with all this heat.  I'm not sure how long this heat advisory is supposed to last but I am ready for some cooler weather.

I had a friend of Dawn's & Charlie's look at my A/C in the van today and he thinks he fixed it but he is coming over tomorrow to check and see.  It sure was nice to have A/C again.  He suggested that we drive it around for a while to make sure the stuff he put in circulates through the system, so I took the kids to Cruisers for Ice Cream cones.  They all wanted the Flavor Burst kind and wouldn't you know it the machine stopped after 1 cone.  So then we all decided to get the regular swirls since that machine was working and it too stopped working when it was my turn to order.  Wouldn't you know it was going to work that way.  Dawn was nice and shared hers with me.

I hope to have pictures to post tomorrow.  In the meantime thanks for letting me share my stories with you.

Happy Scrapin',


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