Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Wedding

We have had rain off and on for a couple days now and today we had rain in the morning and by noon or so it was gone. The sun came out and was beautiful. Pat and Jacki's Wedding was in their back yard and they had a big awning with tables and chairs set up underneath. They were so nervous, as if neither had been married before.
After the vows came a very nice and heart felt toast to both Pat and Jacki from one of Jacki's Beautiful Daughters. She said she was so glad to see a spark back in her Mother's eyes.

They asked my Hubby to help open the Bubbly and set them on each table. So here he is helping.

After the ceremony they served Bar-B-Q Chicken and Steak with Baked Potatoes and Corn on the cob. The food was delicious!!!
Here is Chef Buzz holding his famous grilled pepper and Chef Bohne hard at work cooking the Chicken and Steak. You can't really tell from this picture but Chef Bohne has a Thermometer in the pocked on the Right sleeve of his Chef shirt.

This was the beautiful cake, it was Chocolate with Raspberry filling. YUM!!!

And guess what? On the way home, I realized that we didn't sign that beautiful card I made them. Oh well at least I remembered to take it to them. I did stamp the back so they will know who it is from. I just feel sooooo dumb!

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