Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sorry I haven't posted any new artwork lately.

I have been busy crafting, instead of Scrapbooking. I am going to have a table at the Beaver Creek Telephone Company Bazaar this year. I have had a table three out of the four years BCT has been doing the Bazaar. I was unable to have a table last year due to a fall which I tore muscles and ligaments in my back. I am so excited to be able to do this again. It will be at the Beavercreek Elementary School at 21944 South Yeoman Rd., Beavercreek, Oregon. I try to sign up for this Bazaar every year because the table fees go to two local charities, Pioneer Community Center and Father's Heart Street Ministries. The Bazaar is open from 10:00 am till 4:00 pm on November 7, 2009. If you are in the area please stop by, I would love to see you.

I make all kinds of things but mostly goofy novelty items, like Cowboy Bubble Bath and of course all the Poops you can think of, Snowman, Reindeer and so on. I even have a Hill Billy Bikini, Hill Billy Washer and Dryer and Cow Seeds to grow your own herd, just to name a few. If you are interested in seeing any of these items and you can't make it to the Bazaar, just email me and I will send you a picture of them. I crochet and knit scarves, hats, socks and gloves. My Granddaughters think they are the coolest kids around with matching Hats, Gloves, Scarves and Socks. I will have to take some pictures of them wearing theirs.

I probably should warn you that October is one of my busiest months. I have four Grandchildren who all turn a year older in October and my Daughter's Birthday is in October also. We made it a little easier for all of us though, we have one giant birthday party and the kids get to invite 3 friends each. We all love Halloween, so we usually have a dress up Halloween Birthday Party. This year they decided to have it on Halloween since it is on a Saturday. This is going to be so much fun!!!

I have posted some specials on my CTMH website on the actual Birthdays, so if you want to place an order and want to save 10% or get free shipping check out my calendar to see when the special savings days are. My specials are in addition to any special CTMH might have. If for some reason they have free shipping, in the Month of October, I will figure something else out.

I will try to post some new artwork this week. I have 16 birthdays that I need to make cards for, this coming month. Wow, that's a lot of Birthday cards!!!

Happy Scrapin',


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