Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kumoricon 2013

My Sister and Niece brought my Great Nieces down from The Dalles, to go to Kumoricon with Jordan. They arrived on Friday and we spent the evening getting ready for the weekend.  Kumoricon is the Anime convention.

When the kids signed in to the convention, they were given a goodie bag with some booklets on the events schedule.  On the back of one of the booklets they had a scavenger hunt, it had pictures of people and their names.  They were to take pictures of these people to prove they had seen them.

Here are some pics from our adventure.

Jordan dared me to go ask someone if I could have a picture taken with them. Of course I couldn't let him down, especially when I saw Captain Jack Sparrow was in the park.  He had such a great costume.

Jordan told me who the guy in the box was, but I can not remember I just know it is from Minecraft.
Here is one of the many Aurora's that we saw.
I believe the one with the long green hair is called Ivy.
Of course Beetle Juice, don't say that 3 times, or you know what will happen. ha ha
This lady made her little Dragon, from How to train your Dragon.

Not sure who this is,
Where's Waldo was there too.
Tony Stark
This is the Happy backpack that Jordan wanted, but they were out when he found the booth, so he settled for a small plush instead.  I asked him if he wanted me to knock her down and take it for him, but he said no. sigh.

I am waiting for more pics from the girls.  Jordan found Jesus and they took a picture of them.  He told us a funny story about finding Jesus.  He had Grandpa's phone for the weekend and when he saw Jesus, he pulled the phone out to take a pic and by the time he opened the camera Jesus was out of his sight.  He said up ahead of him in the crowd he heard someone shout "I FOUND JESUS"  He said the whole crowd started laughing.  

After the first day I asked Jordan if he just wanted to skip Mondays events, since he wasn't enjoying the convention.  He said well it's only till 3, so I might as well go.  That told me he was having a good time.  So on the way home Monday night, I asked him if he had a good time and he said "I had high hopes and the convention exceeded my hopes."  We will definately be going back next year.

Besides it gives me something else to scrapbook.

Happy Scrappin',


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