Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Baby chicks are 2 weeks old now.

They are so cute.  They are getting big too.  The other morning when I let the other chickens out of the coop the new babies came down the ramp in between the ones that were born in July, Cleopatra was on the ramp about half way down and stopped.  The little baby chick decided it didn't want to wait for Cleopatra to move so it jumped on Cleopatra's back.  Cleopatra jumped and ran down the ramp and shook real good to get the baby chick off her back and was ready to go out side.  It was so funny to watch.  Here is a  pic of the new babies.

Chuck is learning to crow, it sounds like a Kazoo.  At first I thought it was the neighbor boy playing  with a Kazoo in his yard, but it was Chuck.  I love to hear him crow, it is so cute.  Here is a couple pics of Chuck.  I think he is quite handsome.  Mostly white with some black speckles on his neck and tail.

I hope you enjoy hearing about my little farm.

I have a few new cards to share soon too.  I'll try to get those posted in the next couple days.

Happy Scrappin,


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