Tuesday, May 22, 2012

An update on my new floor and pics from My Family Reunion in March.

I have finally put everything back where I want or had it.  I decided it was a good time to clean out the china cabinets and thin what was in them.  There was way too much in both of them.  That is why it took me so long to get these pictures taken and posted.  Did I mention that I love my new floors.  They are so nice and easy to clean and really finish the rooms.  Here are the pics.
Remember the old flooring with the broken tile entryway.  
 This is just to show the trim around to edges.  We had the old rubber mop board before.
 Here I was standing in my Living room looking at my front door.  No my chairs don't match anymore.  
But that is what happens when you use them a lot.
Here I am standing in front of the hall closet looking into my messy Kitchen.

I painted two walls a lighter blue and the wall behind the big china cabinet a darker blue.  
It really sets off the room.

I decided to hang the Lithograph of the F-15 that the Base gave Steve when he retired, above the small china cabinet.  I put the rest of the pictures back where I had them.

Here are the Pics from My Family Reunion in March.  There are only 3 of us who live in Oregon, the rest of us are scattered in Missouri and Ohio.  Here are the pics.

Left, Daniel, Mom, Shirley and my self.  
(this picture is quite the incentive to loose more weight.)
 My Family, minus my son.  I should photo shop him in.  My Mother is standing next to me, in the back.    Steve's Mom is standing in front of Steve and wanted to be in the picture too.  After all she has been part of "My Family" for 30 years.  We just lost her on May 19th, we will miss her dearly.
 This is my Sister Shirley's Family.
 This is my Brother Daniel's Family.  
My Niece Tarina is the crafty one, she is on the far left.
Both her parents are very crafty people too.

This is the first time my Mother has been in Oregon in almost 30 years, and the first time she has seen any of our grandchildren in person.  Mom moved to California when my Daughter was 2 weeks old, then moved to Arkansas in 1994.  Mom is 80 now and rode the Greyhound bus out here by herself.  She wrote me a letter the other day and said that she was glad to see some of her kids and their off spring.  She was pleased to see how good the little kids were.   Well I am glad we passed inspection.  

Now I need to scrapbook these pictures.

Happy Scrapin',



  1. Those are some gorgeous China cabinets you have, Janice. Yes, the floor made a huge difference. It actually lit up your dining area. Well, hardwood floors are timeless. They exude a classic aura that complements any theme in a specific space.

    1. Thanks. I love my China cabinets and floors. It's funny how when it all comes together you feel like you have a new home.

  2. Your new flooring is definitely an improvement. That new hardwood floor really makes the space feel more like a home. It also feels more welcoming and more cozy. I agree with Kathy, the room seems to have brightened up after you changed your flooring up. It also makes the room look bigger than it did when it had the square tiles.