Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Guest room update.

Well I finally painted the guest room on Sunday.  When we moved in 18 years ago we painted my Son's room Robin's Egg blue.  He moved out in November, so we could use this room as a guest room for when my MIL stayed with us.

 I choose Gobi and Rejuvenate by Behr.   Gobi is the color of sand and Rejuvenate is a green color.
I painted two walls with Gobi, the one to the left as you enter the room.
 I painted the other two walls with the Rejuvenate.  
I bought tan curtains for the window.  
Yes I should have ironed them, but I was in a hurry to get it done,
 as I had a guest on the way.
I really like how the room turned out.

Now I can work on my Stamp room and get ready to start getting creative.

Happy Scrapin',



  1. I love the color combo. It's much calmer than the robins egg blue :) I soooo want to spend a weekend with you helping you move things around in your scrappy space.
    lol my scrappy space is going to be in limbo for a while. It's going to be the school room again as well just in our old livingroom. Having everything cluttered from the move is driving me nuts!!! I'm ready to be out of a tiny corner :)
    Love and Miss you,

  2. Thanks, I love it too. I Have a bunch of stuff to get rid of. Just need to make the time now.

    Love and miss you too.