Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Where did March go???

Sorry I haven't been posting lately, I have been very busy and putting a lot of miles on my van this last 6 weeks.  It first started in February when I went to The Dalles to help my brother paint the inside of his house.  They were getting ready to put their house up for sale and I wanted to help as much as I could.  I spent about a week there.   I came home for a couple days when I received a call from Steve's sister in Dufur, asking if I could help her with their mother who has Dementia, while my other sister-in-law was in New Mexico helping with her Grandbabies.  I spent about a week there then came home for a day and went back up for three days.  I came home the night before we had reservations at the beach in Lincoln City for the BCA Pool tournament.  We had a great time, Steve's team tied for 9th - 12th place and split $700.00.  We played some slots and won a little there too. We spent 3 nights there.  On Monday March 19th, my Mother came on the Greyhound bus all the way from Arkansas.  She wanted to visit Maryhill Museum in Washington State while she was here.  All of my family that lives here got together for a lunch on March 24th, so that Mom could see all of us including all the grandchildren and great grandchildren.  I think that we had 26 altogether.  It was a fun day,  I was glad to see everyone.  I was so busy that I didn't get to take any pictures so my sister said she would give me copies of her pictures.  I will try to post them when I get them.  We returned home on Sunday the 25th and my mother headed back to Arkansas on Wednesday the 28th,  I returned to Dufur to help with my Mother-in-law till Sunday April 1st.  I am so glad to be home where I can relax and start creating again.  I did make a few cards, but didn't take pictures to post.  I will be working on some projects soon, but for now I am taking some much needed me time.  Then getting ready for Easter with the Grandbabies.

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