Tuesday, April 17, 2012


My dear hubby took me out for date night tonight.  We went to dinner then to his favorite place, Goodwill.  When we go on date night we usually go to Dinner then a movie but not always.  Sometimes we have something going on that we don't want to be up that late and other times we just decide dinner is enough.  I don't mind going into goodwill with him, sometimes I find things that I can use to help organize my craft room and it costs so much less than it would if I went to the craft store.  Here is the treasure that I found tonight.

It is a spinning spice rack. That's what I thought until I saw an ad on TV today and it is actually a Keurig spinning rack, it holds the single serve flavored coffees that you use in the Keurig.  My eyes lit up as soon as I saw it.  I thought "I bet my embossing powders will fit in there, how much is it?  So I picked it up and it was only $2.99.  I know it would cost more than that If I were to find one at the craft store.  So when I got home I went strait in to my craft room and took the old white spinner off the shelf and put all of the jars in this new spinner. 

It worked perfectly and I can see the colors that I have now.  The old white one you could only see the lids so I had to pick up each jar to see what color it was.  It will sit right above my Ink tower where the white one is on my shelf in this picture.

I do have to move the little hanging basket on the upper shelve but that is fine.  I love my new spinner.

I hope this helps you find something that will work for you in your scrap or craft room.

Happy Scrapin',


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  1. What a great idea! I love goodwill for things like storage :) And the prices are just my size too.lol.

    Love and Miss ya,