Saturday, April 14, 2012

Toad Houses and Eggs?

My granddaughter Mary has been sleeping over three nights now.  We started working on a project for her yard.  Mary and her family have a house on 3 acres and they have a creek and pond.  They have toads and frogs that live there too.  So we decided to make a toad house from a broken flower pot that I had in my yard. Here are some pictures.

 This is the inside of the Toad house. 
 This is the inside while standing up.
 This is the bottom of the pot which is now the back of the house.
 This is the Right side. 
and this is the Left side.

My granddaughter Hailey came to stay tonight and she made a smaller house using the piece that broke off of the one Mary used.  Here are pictures of Hailey's Toad house.

 This is the out side of the Toad house.
This is the Inside of the Toad house.  I will try to take some pictures of the final placement in their yard for the Toads to enjoy, and post them.

Last night Mary and I made Paper Eggs.  I purchased a Cut File from and so we made the following eggs.

 Mary chose the Zebra Stripe paper from Roxie level 2 paper pack, Pink polka-dot sheer ribbon and Black Grosgrain ribbon.
 I used Lucy Level 2 paper pack and Pear Grosgrain Ribbon.  
I didn't expect them to be quite as tall as they turned out.  But they are very cute.  It was a little hard for Mary to put together so I helped her on the bottom half.  I used Perfect Paper Adhesive to glue all the little tabs and I should have used glue dots so we didn't have to hold the tabs so long.  I purchased a couple other files that I hope to be making here soon.  One is a Pour box 

and the other is a Dispenser box. 

These are so stinkin cute, I can hardly wait to make them.

Happy Scrapin',


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