Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vacation update.

Well we had a little detour this morning, there was a fire that closed Hwy 197 at Maupin so we had to weave our way around the back roads to get to Madras and then on our way.  I took lots of pictures, but I left the camera in the car so I will add pics tomorrow.

We had a great time today.  We went to The High Desert Museum outside of Bend, OR and spent about 4 hours there, it was very interesting and they had a lot of displays to look at, including a working sawmill from the 1800's.

We drove to Chiloquin and stopped at a yard sale, they had a bicycle rickshaw there and I tried to get Steve to buy it for Mom so that when we get back home she can ride around Dufur giving people a personal tour.  Mom was going along with the idea, but Steve said we didn't have room to haul it on our trip.  We also found a GIANT potato masher, the handle was about 2 feet long and the masher part was about 6"s square, I didn't buy it cause I didn't know where we would put it.  

We passed a few signs on the way that said "Chain-up Area", but Steve wouldn't let me chain him up.

We ended up in Alturas, California and are calling it a night.

Happy Scrapin',


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