Saturday, August 27, 2011

Going on Vacation!!!

 I am so excited, we are going on vacation to South Dakota tomorrow to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.  We are taking my Mother-In-Law with us on this trip, I think she will enjoy it, I just hope we don't wear her out, to badly.   I hope I get lots of pics so I can Scrapbook the trip.  We are driving through Nevada to gamble a little, Northern Arizona to see more of the Grand Canyon and into Southern Utah to see Monument Valley, then onto South Dakota to see Mt Rushmore and Crazy Horse and all the other sites there are to see.  I want to walk around the base of the Devil's Tower, I think that will be interesting.

Our last long trip was to Juneau Alaska for our 25th, which I still have not started the scrapbook for yet.  The year before we drove to Albuquerque, NM. for our Nephew's wedding.  The year before that we flew out to Georgia and drove back home with our son after he graduated from Tech School.  They were all awesome trips.  I did make a couple pages of our trip home from Georgia, they were on the little bit of the Grand Canyon that we got to see.  That is why I want to see more of the Grand Canyon on this trip.

I will try to post some of our trip while we are on Vacation, but I can't promise I will post everyday.  I still have packing to do tomorrow before we can leave so I better get to bed.

Happy Scrapin',

P.S. Saying a Prayer for all those on the east coast in the path of Irene.  I hope she calms down and turns back into the ocean, with no harm to any of you.

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