Monday, June 27, 2011

It has been a very busy month.

Wow, I finally have time to post, sorry I don't have any pictures to go with it.  Once school got out I thought things would slow down, but not for me.

I have yard work and now the strawberries are on, we picked 3 large bowls this morning.  I still have to plant the rest of my garden, Squash, watermelon and potatoes.

 I just got back from McChord AFB, I went up there with Steve to learn about Retirement and how the system works.  They took enough information to fill two weeks and crammed it into 4 days.  We learned that we don't know how to build a resume or how to write an accomplishment statement.  There was lots of great information, but not as much as we were hoping for on the VA benefits.  We did soon realize we have a lot of work ahead of us for the next six months.  We were told about a website called LinkedIn, it is a networking site where you sign up for free and then link with everyone that you know and they can help you find a job.  I signed up and found several groups that I want to be involved in, and several people that I know.  You should check it out.

I am so excited, I just sold my first Item on Etsy.  I have had several items listed since March 21st, so this was awesome to find in my email this morning.

Well I have to run some errands and put the Rolodex in the mail and then back to the yard work.

Happy Scrapin',


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