Friday, June 3, 2011

Ancient Civiliztion Celebration.

This time Jordan and his class mates studied Roman and Chinese civilizations and had the celebration.  Jordan chose to dress up like The Jade Emperor 
AKA -  Budah. 

During the celebration Mr Bartsch (who retires this year) plays a game of Jepary and the students have to give the answer in question form.  They are broken into for color teams, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.  He calls   one person from each team to answer the questions then they keep the question card to help keep score.  After they play about 15 minutes they send one of the teams out into the hall to set up their Museum or display.  The rest of the teams continue to play until the museums are ready to veiw.  Then the three remaining teams go out into the hall with clip boards in hand.  They have to ask all of the students who have the museums at least 3 questions and write down the answers before returning to the game.  Each team takes a turn to show their museums.  

Here is the back of Jordan in the costume I made last night.
 Jordan writing down the answers to the questions he just asked.
 Here is Jordan's poster display of the Jade Emperor.

Jordan answering questions about the Jade Emperor.
Grandpa and I went this morning to help where ever we were needed and while we were waiting Steve(Grandpa) decided to draw a dragon on the chalkboard from one of the displays from the back counter. 
 Here Jordan is answering a question from Mr Bartsch.
 The dragon completed.

You should have heard the students when they saw what Grandpa was drawing.  They were so excited.  Steve thinks it could still use a lot of work.  

After the games are all done and they finish with the museums they get to feast on some wonderful food this time it was Chinese food.  They usually get the food donated but I didn't hear who donated it this time.  We came home for lunch so I didn't get any good pictures of the food or the students.  

Dawn and I made paper Fortune cookies.  Which we were told that the students took one of before getting their real Fortune cookies.

This is the center piece that Dawn made for the table.

Dawn and I made the Koi kites that were hanging . 

Steve brought some old coins for the students to look at.

Charlie and I made the fans to hang on the walls.

The students have so much fun and really look forward to these events, which last most of the day.  

Most of the items we had to work with were Chinese, so I spoke with Home Depot about making some columns for the school to keep for these events.  Of course that will not happen till next year but then we won't have to work so hard to find things we need for these events when Zack goes into the 6th grade in 2 years.  We also have Mary and Hailey following close behind.  

I hope you enjoyed my story about the days events and will come back soon to see what else I have been up to lately.  

Please look at the rest of the posts from today as I have made about 4 posts just today, ok tonight or this morning, what ever you want to call it.

I hope to get back to stamping as soon as I finish the dragonflies for my SIL.  I will share those too when I  get them finished.

Happy Scrapin',


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