Thursday, May 26, 2011

Correction for my previous post - A comment on my cards and weight loss.

My Husband and I went to The Dalles last Saturday for my card class and then went to My Brother's to spend the night.  While we were there we were talking about our Dr. putting my Husband on the same diet that I have been on since November.  I had found what I thought was the same version of the diet online and I even posted a link to the diet.  Well I found that the one that I last posted is more restrictive than the one My Dr. gave me.  So I went searching again and found the one that My Dr. gave me.  Here is the new link. Comprehensive Elimination Diet The other one might give you more benefits if you suffer from allergies and you want to pinpoint it a little sooner.  Or if you want to loose more weight  a little faster, I know that tomatoes and potatoes can actually cause weight gain if eaten a lot.  I only noticed the difference when I was looking at the recipes in other one, it had a blueberry Muffin recipe which I didn't think mine had.  So in looking through the diet I saw that we weren't supposed to have Potatoes and Tomatoes on this version and those are things I know that we  were allowed to have so when I got home Sunday evening I took a look at both versions and compared them.

My Husband made it very clear that I had told him he could have potatoes and he was not dropping them from his diet now.  I know how hard it can be when you go on a really restricted diet and then find out that you have to restrict it even more.  It is not fun, but sometimes it is necessary.  Fortunately for my Husband he can have his potatoes.

I hope this helps some of you.

Happy Scrapin',


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