Thursday, May 19, 2011

A comment on my cards and my weight loss.

Thanks Darlene,  I will post a link to your card here on my blog also.

Thanks for the encouragement on my weight-loss.  I just weighted again this morning and I have lost another 2 pounds, that makes 32 lbs so far, Woo Hoo!!! I love this diet.  I eat like a pig and I still loose weight.

My Husband went to see the Dr. last week and he came home and said the Dr. wants him to be on this diet also.  So I went right to work making sure that he has plenty to snack on.

Here is a link to the Elimination Diet that we are on. Elimination Diet

I thought it would be hard to give up Coffee and Chocolate but it really wasn't when the payoff was being pain free from my Fibromyalgia. I am also taking 4800mg of Guaifenisin that I am sure is helping me too.  I am also following the Guaifenisin Protocol here is a link Guaifenisin Protocol Some people say it doesn't work for them but I swear by it.  I had been on pain meds pretty much since my first car accident in 1991.  I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1992.  I bought a new house in 1994 and my allergies flared up and I ended up taking Guaifenisin for about 8 years I also had allergy shots for 5 years.  I went off the Guaifenisin in December 1999 and by October 2002 I could hardly dress myself.  I didn't know about the Guaifenisin protocol until my friend asked me if I had tried it in 2005.  I went searching the net, and found it.  After reading about it and thinking back I realized that it must have been helping me the whole time I was on it, I just didn't know it.  I tried to talk to my Dr. that I had at the time, but he didn't know that Guaifenisin came in pill form.  So I started the guaranteeing protocol and it worked well for a while, then I fell in Aug 2008 and tore all the muscles and ligaments in my back.  I couldn't walk, the Dr. told me there was nothing wrong with me and he didn't even take any Xray's or MRI's so then he decided to send me to Physical therapy which hurt me even more.  I finally insisted in seeing a specialist and since I have had back surgery in 1997 I insisted in seeing Dr. Brett.  I trust Dr Brett and know he would tell me the truth.  He is the one who told me I had torn all my muscles and ligaments and I needed to see a pain specialist.  So I had 2 spinal injections and they helped but I still hurt.  My Dr. at the time wouldn't even acknowledge that I was still having pain. So I went back to see Dr. Brett and he suggested that I get a new Dr. and he gave me his Dr.'s name.  So my new Dr. put me on 4800mg of Guaifenisin and had me start the Elimination Diet.  That was November 4, 2010.

I thought it would be good to repost the diet and guaifenisin info again incase someone new checks out my blog and this can help them too.

Happy Scrapin',


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